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    Have you ever seen an MLB no-hitter in person? (If not, how close have you come?)

    I was at the 3/15/00 Spring Training game where Pedro and a bunch of relievers threw a perfect game against the Blue Jays. Almost no one in the crowd even realized what was happening until after the game was over. Not a real game, obviously, but it was still cool to see.
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    Olynyk signs with the Heat (4 years, $50m)

    I'm just glad he's going to be in the same division as Kelly Oubre
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    Celtics trade for Thornton, Zeller and a Pick

      I think one aspect that's been missed in this discussion is the fact that Thornton's salary is actually a more flexible asset than the TPE, and not just because it lasts more than three more days.  While player salaries can be combined in the same transaction, the TPE could not be combined in...