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    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    I just wanted to throw this out up front that I am biased and I won’t apologize for it. I am a Red Sox fan currently living in Boston but I grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. Home of the mighty University of South Carolina Gamecocks. I am a USC alum and have been a Gamecocks and Red Sox fan...
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    Your Red Sox Blind Spot

    I have two. Kevin Millar and Jackie Bradley Jr. Kevin Millar - I just loved his grit and his sense of humor (as corny as it can be). He was an average to below average player but I think he was a big part of the glue that held that clubhouse together and eventually led to the 2004 World Series...
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    All the Way with JBJ - 2016

    I live in Boston now after 38 years of my life in South Carolina. I attended the University of South Carolina and was fortunate enough to be witness to JBJ as a college kid who helped USC win back to back college world series rings in 2010 and 2011. He was a winner then and is a winner now! It...