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    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    Just wanted to circle back... @Harry Hooper and @Max Power I ended up building off of your advice and went with a solid HP (smilar to the one HH suggested) at Staples. I focused on 15", FHD, 12GB Ram, 512GB SSD, 11th Gen intel i7 as my minimum requirements and was happy with the price point. I...
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    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    Thanks... I see myself using the machine in my home office at least 80% of the time, but I do want to have some flexibility to bring to other rooms or to take with me occasionally, so I'm leaning pretty heavily towards laptop and then would supplement with an external monitor and keyboard in the...
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    Help buying a computer (Windows)

    I'm surprised there isn't a more recent thread (or maybe I just sucked at finding it?)... I'm looking to buy a computer for the first time in 7-8 years. I feel like I'm out of my element as just about everything has changed, and I can't figure out what is worth it, and what isn't. Budget...
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    2021 NFL Prospect Talk...Because It's Never Too Early

    I've done quite a few myself, but that is just silly! Basically you turned picks 15 + 98 into 18 + 44 + 100 + 126 (which alone is 35% more value per Rich Hill chart) PLUS 4 day 2 picks in 2022. That would be a monumental haul (though in reality seems like terrible trade AI).
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    NFL Coaching Carousel

    Slight nitpick with this graph (not the OP) ... I've been looking at a lot of draft related stuff recently and when I saw this posted the other day something didn't seem right to me. I dug a little deeper and this graph: 1. Uses a draft pick value chart that gives much more value to later round...
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    Liverpool 2020-2021: John Henry Walks Alone

    And the hits just keep on coming... View: Paul Joyce: "Liverpool defender Joe Gomez suffered an injury during training with England today. Gareth Southgate is likely to provide an update this evening at a press conference ahead...
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    iPhone 12

    Pretty close to Lake George (Glens Falls), which for me has been fine as long as we stay south or near the Lake, but gets much worse when we go north of there. I think based solely on coverage, Verizon is the easy way to go (and like you mentioned, could save a bit by going with a network...
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    iPhone 12

    I usually go about 2-3 years between upgrades (currently on an 8+) and I think I'll jump in this round. The difficulty I'm having is trying to decide which carrier is the way to go. I'm currently on AT&T which is fine near my house (Upstate NY) but is a bit spottier when we go north a few times...
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    Liverpool 2020-2021: John Henry Walks Alone

    Awesome, such wonderful news. And Phoebe is a fantastic name! I just posted this message on facebook the other day: "Something positive for 2020... it was the year I discovered that Phoebe Bridgers and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are two different, amazing, talented people." Which proves the old adage...
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    software/package for entering google-form like documents but with end-to-end encryption

    I haven't used it yet, but some people in our organizations started using RedCap which might be able to do what you are looking for:
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    Liverpool 2019-2020: Let's Talk About Six, Baby

    I poked around this and previous iterations of the annual LFC thread, but, though I may have missed something, I didn't see anything and was curious: have any of you read David Peace's "Red or Dead"? For starters, I don't post in here much, but I'll share how I came to follow LFC: I grew up...
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    Bloomberg Feature on SB Ring Heist

    Great story, very entertaining. I grew up in Lynn and you captured the city perfectly.
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    Mock away, you can mock away

    That PFF Mock site is either getting hammered right now or stopped working for me for some reason. Before it crashed, I was well on my way to completely punting on 2020 (their trade formula is a bit too generous)... Traded: 23 for 37 and '21 1st (LAC) 37 for 52 and 57 52 for 60 and '21 3rd...
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    Mock away, you can mock away

    I just started one on TDN, and the following are available for the Pats at 23: Tua Lamb Ruggs Jeudy Andrew Thomas I think I'll just restart it now, that doesn't even make sense. Edit: Oh, and both the Bengals and Dolphins passed on him and Burrow went #6 to the Chargers
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    Bettor Charged with Threatening Athletes Including Patriots

    I found this kind of interesting so I built a rudimentary simulation. I'm sure there are tons of things I didn't think through and many resources are available that go into this a lot more in depth/accurate than I was, but here's what I found: 1. I assumed you'd place a bet on 3 games per week...