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UEFA Champions League - Last 16

Discussion in 'Breakfast with Gazza (with Sachmoneious Bullcrap)' started by swiftaw, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. swiftaw

    swiftaw Member SoSH Member

    The draw:

    • Schalke v Man City
    • Atletico Madrid v Juventus
    • Man Utd v PSG
    • Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund
    • Lyon v Barcelona
    • Roma v Porto
    • Ajax v Real Madrid
    • Liverpool v Bayern Munich
    Atletico vs Juve, and Liverpool vs Bayern should be fun.
  2. PedroSpecialK

    PedroSpecialK Comes at you like a tornado of hair and the NHL sa Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    If there was a year to draw Bayern, this looks like arguably the best one. No VVD for leg 1 at home is tough though.

    I for one am looking forward to how United stop Neymar and co. If it’s by way of excessive force all the better
  3. pedro1918

    pedro1918 Member SoSH Member

    My first thought, as a Liverpool fan, was "it could have been worse."
  4. bosox4283

    bosox4283 Member SoSH Member

    I don't know enough about Juventus's team this year to really make an assessment, but maybe only Porto would have been a better draw for Atletico. Well, maybe I ought to say: I thought Porto was the easiest draw, and then everyone else is challenging. Some Atletico fans are saying that ManCity and PSG plays styles that are a better match-up for Atletico, but I preferred to avoid them given their huge upside and their potential just to play amazing football.

    In a sense, Atletico's chances of advancing depend on the team getting healthy by then, including the return of Costa.
  5. DrewDawg

    DrewDawg Dorito Dink SoSH Member

    Spurs getting Dortmund. Beat them twice in group stage last season, but they're playing much better this year.

    There's a chance the game in London will be the first game at the Spurs new place, which would be cool. Dortmund played in the last game at the old WHL.
  6. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    Stray thoughts...

    Atletico-Juventus should be fantastic. That's a semi-final quality matchup . Hopefully both teams enter in good health and good form.

    If ever there was a time to draw Bayern, this is it. Agree with Pedro that missing VVD in the first leg is huge.

    If ever there is a time to draw Madrid, this is definitely it. Can Ajax pull off a stick upset?

    Spurs-Dortmund promises to be the most entertaining football. Hoping that both teams come out pressing, countering, and generally playing to win both legs.
  7. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    ManU-PSG just got a lot more interesting, even if we don't know for sure who will replace Mourinho. United have the attacking talent to go toe-to-toe PSG. If the new manager can get that talent organized and bring in some defensive reinforcements?
  8. Kliq

    Kliq Member SoSH Member

    Unrelated, but does anyone else watch the Bleacher Report animated comedy The Champions? It just finished it's first season and is honestly some of the funniest stuff I saw in 2018. There are about 100 little jokes and references in each four minute episode.
  9. SocrManiac

    SocrManiac Member SoSH Member

    Yeah, that was fantastic and seemingly out of nowhere.
  10. rguilmar

    rguilmar lurker

    I’m pretty excited for the round of 16 draw. In order of matchups I’m most excited about:
    1. Tottenham-Dortmund should be extremely entertaining with both teams looking to attack. Dortmund just feel like they have it together and everything is clicking, but Tottenham can hang right with them. I know Spurs won last year, but this is a different Dortmund team.
    2. Atletico- Juventus would have been a solid matchup in the final, never mind in the round of 16. Both teams are tough outs. Juve might very well have a huge lead atop Serie A, which could allow them to focus solely on UCL.
    3. Liverpool- Bayern is another final-worthy matchup. Bayern is a bit down this year despite the names on the pitch. Could be another high scoring matchup.
    4. Man U-PSG just got a lot more interesting. Given the way the Red Devils have been playing this year, it looked like a lopsided matchup, but if the new manager can get them playing how they can play, this should be a fun one.
    5. Real Madrid-Ajax is great for nostalgia. Ajax does have some fascinating young players, and Madrid clearly is down this year. I feel like Madrid’s experience and class will win this one, but you never know.
    6. Barca-Lyon intrigues me, and not just because of my affection for the blaugrana. Barcelona have the talent, but between injuries, form, and just not finding the groove they are very beatable. Lyon have some stars in Depay and Fekir along with some interesting young players. Once again, I expect the Catalans to win but it could get interesting.
    7. Man City-Schalke shouldn’t be close. Schalke have not looked like the same team from last year. I am interested to see how Weston McKennie does, but he has been yanked all over the field this year, from left back to striker.
    8. Roma-Porto should be a tight one. Roma have the names and they toppled Barcelona last year, but I could see Porto winning this on a set piece. Should be close enough to be interesting, just a little more tactical than some of the other matchups.

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