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Jarome Iginla to retire

Discussion in 'Rick Middleton's Pron 'Stache: Bruins Forum' started by TheShynessClinic, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. TheShynessClinic

    TheShynessClinic SoSH's Doug Neidermeyer SoSH Member

    The Flames will have a press conference on July 30th for him to announce.

    Probably the right time for him to call it quits. He still had something in the tank, but not that much.

    What a career, and what a guy.

    Best of luck, Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla.

  2. Smiling Joe Hesketh

    Smiling Joe Hesketh All Hail King Boron Dope

    Bruins legend. God I loved having him here.
  3. TheRealness

    TheRealness Don't make him go all Lucic on your ash SoSH Member

    I will forever blame him for the 2013 cup loss. If he's on that team, I firmly believe they beat the Hawks. I wonder if he ever regrets tanking the trade to Boston, and whether he thinks about how the Bruins beat the Penguins ass in that ECF and how with him they could have taken down the Hawks.
  4. Greg29fan

    Greg29fan Member SoSH Member

    IMO I think him tanking the initial trade to Boston gave the Bruins quite a bit of juice for that Penguins series.
  5. mauidano

    mauidano Mai Tais for everyone! SoSH Member

    Aww, I was the DJ at his wedding here on Maui. Very cool guy, weird family.
  6. Smiling Joe Hesketh

    Smiling Joe Hesketh All Hail King Boron Dope

    Yeah, I see it this way too.

    And then the next year he promptly signed here. Maybe he liked what he saw in that ECF series.
  7. John Marzano Olympic Hero

    John Marzano Olympic Hero has fancy plans, and pants to match Dope

    Explain the latter part.

    Unless there is a DJ/customer confidentiality pact you entered into.
  8. cshea

    cshea Member SoSH Member

    I’m with Greg, I think the snub juiced up the Bruins. Who knows how it ends if he decided to play for the B’s from the get-go. The trade as I recall it was Bartkowski, Khokhlachev and a 1st for Iginla. They ended up getting Jagr for a conditional 1st and Lane MacDermid after the Igina deal fell through. As it turned out, the Bruins got decemated with injuries on the blue line and ran through 9 D during the playoffs so they kind of ended up needing Bartkowski. Bart scored in game 7 against Toronto too! Koko is still kind of sort of here!

    Anyways, it was a pleasure getting to watch Iginla for the 1 season he was here. He was always one of my favorite players, shame we couldn’t give him his Bourque-in-Colorado raising of the Cup. That ‘14 team was loaded.
  9. BigMike

    BigMike Dope Dope

    Considering he couldn't get a job last season, I think it is safe to say the tank was already on empty.

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