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jon abbey
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May 24, 2019 at 5:20 PM
Jul 15, 2005
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jon abbey

Shanghai Warrior, Male

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A man has no name.-Jaqen H'ghar Apr 16, 2018

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[On BYO]Viewing latest content, May 24, 2019 at 5:20 PM
    1. Reverend
      I'd just like to say burn in hell Yankee loving scum for being the scummy Yankee loving scum lover scum Yankee scum. Jerk.
      1. jon abbey
        jon abbey
        careful I don't start moving the words around in your late night posts. :)
        Jun 24, 2018
    2. thehitcat
      I'd just like to say thank you. You do a difficult job well and I appreciate your diligence. You help keep the site a good place to come to and that's not easy on the internet.
      1. jon abbey
        jon abbey
        thank you!
        Jun 22, 2018
    3. jon abbey
      jon abbey
      A man has no name.-Jaqen H'ghar
    4. Sprowl
      The Underdog avatar gave me a good belly laugh. Thanks :)
    5. opes
      Well look who made it....
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    "I want young, cost-controlled everything. It doesn't matter the position."-Brian Cashman, 12/6/15

    "The correlation between spending and wins has been declining for many years now -- to the point of almost zero last year. Young players provide more WAR than ever before."-Dave Dombrowski, 8/22/16