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Americans Abroad 2018-19: Youth Movement

Discussion in 'Breakfast with Gazza (with Sachmoneious Bullcrap)' started by Titans Bastard, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Michael Edwards, an 18 year old CB from DC's academy, has joined Wolfsburg's U19 team.


    How many Bundesliga clubs don't have an American on the books right now?

    1. BVB: Christian Pulisic; Gio Reyna (U17) strongly rumored to be joining.
    2. Bayern: Chris Richards (U19) on loan, Timothy Tillman (reserves), Justin Butler (U19), Malik Tillman (U17), Taylor Booth (U19) rumored to be joining when he gets an Italian passport or turns 18
    3. Gladbach: Fabian Johnson
    4. RB Leipzig: Tyler Adams
    5. Wolfsburg: John Brooks, Michael Edwards (U19), possibly Uly Llanez (U19) though he could still sign elsewhere
    6. Frankfurt: Timothy Chandler, Mason Judge (U17)
    7. Hoffenheim: Corey Anton (reserves)
    8. Hertha: Jonathan Klinsmann (reserves)
    9. Leverkusen: none
    10. Werder: Josh Sargent, Aron Johannsson, Isaiah Young (reserves)
    11. Freiburg: Caleb Stanko, Alex Mendez (U19), Maximilian Dietz (U17)
    12. Mainz: Joon Kang (U17)
    13. Schalke: Weston McKennie, Haji Wright, Nick Taitague (reserves), Zyen Jones (U19)
    14. Düsseldorf: Alfredo Morales
    15. Augsburg: Maurice Malone (U19) - playing for German youth teams
    16. Stuttgart: Max Göggel (U17)
    17. Hannover: Bobby Wood, Chris Gloster (reserves / U19), Sebastian Soto (U19)
    18. Nürnberg: Max Rugova (U19)

    A number of these guys are non-prospects and some are German-Americans who grew up abroad, but the extent to which German clubs are uniformly dipping into the American youth market is remarkable.
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  2. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    Fuck, you mean I'll have to root for Chelsea starting in the fall?

  3. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Former NYCFC and SKC forward Khiry Shelton has signed in the 2.Bundesliga with Paderborn. Shelton hasn't always been healthy and with NYCFC was used on the wing (b/c of David Villa), but when he's been on the field as a center forward I've been really impressed with his hold-up ability. It's too bad he's a below-average finisher because otherwise I think he'd be in the NT conversation.

  4. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    After a six month loan, Chris Richards is staying with Bayern.

    Sam Stejskal‏ @samstejskal
    Source: U.S. U-20 CB Chris Richards' move from FC Dallas to Bayern Munich is complete. FCD will receive a low seven-figure fee w/ sell-on clause for the Alabama native, who spent second half of 2018 on loan to Bayern. @SoccerByIves reported last month move was being finalized.

    Charles Boehm @cboehm
    Have heard that Bayern offered Richards a 3-year deal with around $1.5 mil in total wages guaranteed. Huge for the player and his family, and FCD gets a nice return on a player who's only been in their system since 2017.
  5. Jimy Hendrix

    Jimy Hendrix Member SoSH Member

    Mohammad Kamara is interesting to me. Looks like he played JuCo ball for a few years and one year at UCLA. No idea if he’s American or not (article mentions he was born in Liberia, but no other biographical details), but even if he’s not USMNT eligible I’m kinda fascinated by that particular career path, given how college soccer is the enemy of all USMNT prospect watchers.
  6. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    He's not American. I think he might have gone straight from Liberia to Tyler JC.

    Tyler JC is a powerhouse, btw. Dom Dwyer played there for two years after washing out of England, then transferred to South Florida. A number of other MLS pros came through there as well as Yavapai JC (Alan Gordon, Roger Espinoza, Justin Meram) in Arizona.

    College soccer is bad, but it will always be a useful safety net for late bloomers and overlooked players. There are also literally thousands of foreigners who come over to play every year at varying levels of the NCAA and NAIA and a number of them turn into viable MLS and USL pros as well.

    Few of the very best American soccer players play any college soccer any more. Among the second tier of prospects, most are fished out of the college pool one way or another after 1-2 seasons. An example is Frankie Amaya, a decent attacking midfielder prospect out of UCLA who will go high next week. He was playing DA soccer as a HS student for Pateadores last spring. He came to UCLA in August, played over the fall, and is now going pro. No harm done, really. It's the long, long offseasons with limited training and lack of increased challenge that do prospects in over several years of college soccer.
  7. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Here's a Chris Richards hype piece.

    There aren't that many pros from the Deep South, but there are suddenly some intriguing prospects on the scene. Richards and Brandon Servania are both from Birmingham and found their way to FC Dallas. Thomas Roberts (Little Rock) is a little bit younger than those guys, but is highly regarded and recently signed a pro deal with FCD as well. J.J. Williams, a junior at Kentucky who just signed a GA deal and will go into the draft, is from Montgomery.

    In 12 months, the number of pros from AR+AL has increased from one to five. Nice to see a region like that start to show signs of life. It's a big country and no metro area is close to maxing out its player development potential.
  8. DrewDawg

    DrewDawg Dorito Dink SoSH Member

    Weah did sign extension with PSG before the loan.

  9. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  10. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    from that article:
    I dunno if that's going to cut it if you're competing against Alianza, dude. Unless by "young American prospects" you mean "young white suburban American prospects whose parents have shelled out beaucoup bucks to pay-to-play AYSO programs".

    Like, you're buying a professional sports team and that's the best you've got (he goes on to say "also, stats! also, scouting sucks.")? Nothing about hiring people away and giving them a marketing budget, about how to reach parents directly, about how to piggyback on combine tryouts, or about the other 10 even-better ideas that will occur to TB once I hit Post Reply? Whoever's giving you a couple million to buy a club must have inherited that money, Jordan.
  11. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    So, Charlie Kelman is a 17 year old English-American forward at Southend United. He's been scoring a zillion goals for youth teams, but it's hard to read into that too much because, well, he's at a small League One club whose youth teams aren't going up against top teams. But anyway, he made his league debut today and about 20 mins after coming off the bench, he decided to chip the keeper from midfield. That's some moxie.

  12. dirtynine

    dirtynine Member SoSH Member

    As a former resident of Shawmut Ave. it’s easy to pull for Southend.

    Every so often, these kind of goals announce somebody interesting...

  13. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  14. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    That's tough given the amount of resources he had to work with, but not surprising given how much money is online for relegated clubs.

    Now, if only US Soccer had extended it's manger search a little longer...

    Wagner should have plenty of options in the Championship and probably mid-to-lower-table Bundesliga sides. He did yeoman's work getting Huddersfield up and then pulled a minor miracle to keep them there for a season. Look forward to his next stop.

    Edit: The Guardian write up presents that the club would have kept Wagner on through end of the season, but Wagner was feeling burned out. Watching film for their next match - Man City - would have fried me, too.
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  15. OilCanShotTupac

    OilCanShotTupac Sunny von Bulow Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    He did more with less than anyone I can think of. That's not a good team. When they go down I don't think they'll challenge to go back up anytime soon. Some help from ownership would have been nice.

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