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Americans Abroad 2018-19: Youth Movement

Discussion in 'Breakfast with Gazza (with Sachmoneious Bullcrap)' started by Titans Bastard, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Miazga's loan to Nantes is official.

    I've read that there's an option to buy, but that the figure is probably out of Nantes' price range even if they decide they really want him.
  2. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Blackburn have reportedly offered $1.25m for Wil Trapp. I would be shocked if the Crew accepted that sort of bid for their captain, especially in the middle of the season. Trapp has a Greek passport, so a move to England wouldn't be impossible on legal grounds.

    '99 midfielder Edson Murguia to Pumas UNAM

    '01 midfielder Lawson Sunderland to Sabadell in Spain. Sunderland is the son of Portland's academy director. That's not a great look, but it makes sense - if I were an agent I would advise young American clients to avoid the Timbers at all costs. Sunderland previously spent a year at Levante before re-joining the Timbers academy this year.

    '02 center back Ethan Bayer to Rayo Vallecano.

    '01 midfielder Matteo Ritaccio from NY-area club BW Gottschee has turned up on Liverpool's U18 academy intake.
  3. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    between him and Tim Weah, maybe I should give those guys a little less pushback on hogging field permits around here. Two european-academy signings in two years is pretty damn good for a US youth club, no?
  4. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    It seems like it. Euro-academy signings are an imperfect measure of developmental quality. Sometimes if it's a low-profile kid who isn't working with an agent yet, the ability of kids to set up trials is dependent on the connections of their club youth coaches. And no matter how good Ritaccio is, there's no way he'd be signing in England if he didn't have a second passport.

    That being said, if Liverpool and PSG are coming in for your guys, that's probably a good sign.
  5. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Hyndman has gone on loan to Hibernian.

    He spent half a season in the SPL on loan with Rangers six months ago and did really well. It will be a bit depressing for him if he doesn't boss it at Hibs. He might play as soon as tomorrow in their Europa League qualifier against Molde.
  6. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Hmm....never heard of this guy before.

  7. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    Just wanted to note I finally watched the Wednesday-Wigan game and I thought Antonee Robinson had a very strong game. His pace was very effective going forward and he put in a few good crosses. Of greater note was that I thought he defended much better than expected, not so much 1v1 but in taking away space, getting to balls in his box, or covering for others. Dude turned 21 yesterday, I can see some promise from him for sure.

    Or Wednesday are just a glorified pub team and Robinson just isn't that good.
  8. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Derby County bought 23 year old winger Duane Holmes from Scunthorpe United.

    Holmes came up in Huddersfield's academy and played a bit for them in the Championship, but never established himself in the first team. He had loans to Yeovil and Bury and eventually left on a free to Scunthorpe in League One. In his second season (last year), he was Scunthorpe's player of the season and now he's back in the Championship.

    I don't have a sense of where he'll fit in Derby's depth chart. It looks like they have a big squad.

    Fun to managed by NYCFC legend Frank Lampard, though.
  9. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yedlin left the Newcastle match late with an injury. He hyperextending his knee and there's concern about ligament damage. Goff reports that it's not his ACL which is good, but it could be other ligaments, which is bad.

    Emmanuel Sabbi scored a brace for Hobro, taking him to four goals and an assist in 400 minutes in Denmark. It's a nice start to the season for the 20 year old forward.

    18 year old forward Sebastian Soto started for Hannover U19 in their league opener. That means he must have signed a deal with them, officially leaving RSL's academy. It hasn't been announced, but trialists can't play in U19 Bundesliga games. He joins 18 year old former NYRB left back Chris Gloster on the team.
  10. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Cavani is injured and PSG planned to rest Mbappé for the Ligue 1 opener, so there was some speculation that Weah might get the start at CF. In the end Tuchel decided to move Neymar to CF and play Christopher Nkunku at right wing.

    Weah did come off the bench to replace Neymar in the 81st minute. He nearly scored a quality goal here. Weah's an athletic player, but it's quality runs like this that are getting him chances at a club like PSG:

    And then a bit later, he scored his first goal in Ligue 1! It wasn't a pretty one — he pressured the GK into making a mistake and capitalized.

    That's a good showing for nine minutes of work. PSG will play a heavy enough schedule that Weah will continue to get minutes if he's high enough in the pecking order. A key could be establishing himself as more important than Nkunku. The attacking depth chart in PSG's 4-3-3 is a bit complex because so many players are versatile, but if he can be the fifth attacker after Mbappé, Neymar, Cavani, and di Maria, he'll be in a great spot and will actually play.
  11. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    It’s a ways away, but looking ahead to 2022:

    a) Does Weah seem to be on a path to being a starting US international?
    b) where does he play?
  12. Kliq

    Kliq Member SoSH Member

    I'm pretty ready to start Weah right now; either as a striker or as a winger. The more of him/Pulisic I see playing together, the better.
  13. Quintanariffic

    Quintanariffic Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Not a fan of Weah out on the wing. I love his pace and movement more centrally though. Dare we fantasize about a pairing up top with Sargent or Altidore?
  14. OilCanShotTupac

    OilCanShotTupac Sunny von Bulow Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    I watched him in Everton’s preseason and your take on him matches mine. When I watched him his first touch on a few balls on attack was clumsy but I agree with your take on his pace, passing, and defending.

    With Baines looking at the beginning of the end I expect Robinson to stick with Everton’s first team next year.
  15. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yeah. Weah doesn't have much pro experience, but he's getting on the field for PSG, Tuchel says good things about him all the time and seems to believe in him, and he makes things happen on a consistent basis even in limited minutes.

    Weah is already an obvious call up and I think he's absolutely in the conversation to start. This isn't even just because we're at a point in the cycle where we are slanting things towards young players. Within a year, our USMNT best XI and our U23 Olympic best XI will start looking awfully similar.

    The U17s played a 4-3-3 and Weah was typically on the wing. He had his moments but I had no inkling that he'd be on this trajectory. He's consistently improved and getting opportunities to play up top help as well. I hold Sargent in as high esteem as ever, but Weah has moved into his echelon and possibly beyond.

    We have a great spine developing right now with multiple talents at CB, CM, and FW. Winger is a bit more suspect. I think the next manager has to look at something like a 3-4-1-2.

    Sargent — Weah
    Robinson — McKennie — Adams — Yedlin
    EPB — Brooks — Miazga

    Neither McKennie or Adams plays as a classic #6 who sits and shields the defense right now, but either might evolve into that eventually. Even if they don't both cover an insane amount of ground, especially Adams, and you can get away with a little less midfield protection with three CBs.

    Backups: Bono (GK), CCV/Parker/McKenzie (CB), Saief/D. Acosta (LWB), Cannon/Lennon/Moore (RWB), Durkin/Trapp/K. Acosta/Roldan (CM), "Help!" (Pulisic backup), Altidore/Wood/Novakovich/Morris (FW)

    If George Bello at Atlanta United develops as hoped, he will take over at LB/LWB by the end of the cycle.

    We have a few attacking prospects who are talented and who don't fit well into this formation. Jonathan Amon is a winger at Nordsjælland who looks like the player we wanted Joe Gyau to be. Andrew Carleton at Atlanta has tremendous skill and we'll see how far he goes and whether he winds up centrally or on the wing. But even if a game-changer appears on the wing, something like this formation should be in the rotation.
  16. bosox4283

    bosox4283 Member SoSH Member

    It is quite amazing how fast things can change. A few years ago, there was real excitement about Julian Green and Gedion Zelalem. I suppose their fortunes underscore the importance of good development opportunities via loan and avoiding injuries.
  17. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    If he can pull that off, Jozy Altidore better extend his sponsorship deals tout-de-suite, because the gravy train is fucking ending.

    Weah is (as TB points out) not that far away from having the brightest start to a european UCL-level pro career that we can recall, other than Pulisic.
    - Donovan never wanted to play in Europe when he was young, he basically shot his way out of Leverkusen.
    - Deuce played 3 years of college and was 23 before Fulham made the offer to the Revolution.
    - Altidore got hot in MLS at 17, but was 19 before Villarreal got serious about him and never found a way to stay on their first team.
    - Claudio Reyna got bought by Leverkusen at 21, couldn't make the first team, got loaned out to Wolfsburg and managed to stick (and eventually be their captain).

    Like, it just hasn't happened that an American has followed the traditional youthful career arc for truly world-class players. Youth academy at 14-15 (maybe 16), tear it up, get some spot appearances at 16-17, make the first team at 17-18 and stick, get playing time for serious matches by 18-19. Pulisic has already validated the hype by what he did his first full season, following that path albeit on the older side just because of visa issues. Julian Green never stood much of a chance at Bayern and never even gave us the kind of hope that these Weah highlights have.

    edit: Sargent is 2 days (!) older than Weah and has a lot of catching up to do before we presume him the CF heir apparent. Aron friggen Johannsson made 12 first-team appearances for Werder Bremen last year; after signing professionally on 2/20/2018, Sargent made zero, not even a token sub.
    #67 InstaFace, Aug 13, 2018
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
  18. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    Been looking, but haven’t found any updated on the extent of the injury yet. Oddly, I think being at Newcastle in some ways cushions he possible repurcussions if it is a torn ACL. On almost any other EPL side, I’d expect them to move for a permanent replacement with a player out for a year. But with Ashley running things, I’d expect Manquillo and Sterry to fill in despite their lack of quality and/or experience.
  19. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yes, it's uncommon. We haven't had the quality players and most Americans can't legally follow the path you describe in Europe. Single-nationality US passport holders can move abroad no earlier than age 18. Pulisic was able to join BVB's U17 team at age 16 because of his Croatian passport. He then spent half of a season focused on the U19s before moving up to the first team as a 17 year old.

    Weah joined PSG at age 14. He is eligible for passports from the US, Liberia, France, and possibly Jamaica as well. I am not sure exactly what process he used to move to France so young, but it's almost certainly something that he could do because of his French citizenship.

    Sargent wasn't eligible to play in any games even at youth levels until this season. He turned 18 after the German winter registration window closed, therefore he had to wait until the summer to be registered.

    Sargent and Weah have different games. Of course, Weah could easily turn out to be the better player, but keep in mind that target forwards like Sargent tend to develop on a slightly later curve than players at other positions. Sargent also has only been able to train and play in youth friendlies for the last year or so, which is not ideal. He hasn't truly been in the swing of things at his club until this summer, unlike Weah.

    My hope is that we will see a ton of both of them for the USMNT.
  20. InstaFace

    InstaFace MDLzera

    Well, TB, may that go from your lips to the ears of Sunil Gulati Bruce Arena Carlos Cordeiro Tab Ramos Earnie Stewart Dave Sarachan Head Coach To Be Named Later.
  21. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member


  22. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    Excellent news. Not that he’d be in jeopardy of missing any big matches for the next cycle, but it’s so much better for Yedlin to play under a world class manager and against world class attackers. Can’t wait to see him back out there.
  23. OilCanShotTupac

    OilCanShotTupac Sunny von Bulow Gold Supporter SoSH Member

    I was watching the game, where Newcastle was the better team in the second half and Yedlin was one of the reasons why. It looked really bad. I'm glad it isn't.
  24. Joe D Reid

    Joe D Reid Well-Known Member Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yedlin is the overlap in my NUFC/USMNT fandom Venn diagram, so this is excellent news. Neither team has a real replacement for him.
  25. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Totally agree. You also never know what a player will be like after they suffer a major injury. Yedlin with 10% less speed would be a significantly lesser player.

    Furthermore, due to the quality and age distribution of the 2018 cycle national team, Yedlin is one of the few veterans worth keeping around. He is one of the team's experienced leaders now and we need a few of those with the number of kids that will be coming through in the next couple of years.
  26. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Hannover finally announced Soto's signing:


    Soto scored 42 goals in 27 games for RSL U19 in the DA this past season. He'd probably get a bit more hype were there not two other forwards born in the same year like Weah and Sargent.

    RSL is really getting raided right now. Soto '00 went to Hannover, Taylor Booth '01 is heading to Bayern. Richie Ledezma '00 has been trialing at PSV and may sign there when he turns 18. David Ochoa '01 has been trialing with Manchester United.

    RSL actually plays young guys (they started five academy products last night), but they need to start signing players to contracts a few years earlier or keep losing them for nothing.
  27. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    There's been smoke for a while about this possible move, but now there's a more specific report that Gio Reyna '02 will move to Borussia Dortmund when he turns 16 in November. Reyna has a Portuguese passport that allows him to move at 16 rather than 18. Reyna is currently with NYCFC, where Claudio is the technical director, and is a central part of the US U17 team. There's some debate over what his position will be as an adult, but it will likely be some flavor of attacker.
  28. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Bundesliga clubs begin their season with the DFB Pokal opener, as is tradition. McKennie starts in the midfield for Schalke, alongside Nabil Bentaleb.

    In other Germany news, Timmy Chandler is having knee surgery. No word yet on his recovery timeline.
  29. Dummy Hoy

    Dummy Hoy Angry Pissbum SoSH Member

    I watched Lyndon Gooch get 30 minutes or so against Wednesday yesterday. Had some initiative, made a couple of nice moves including what should have been drawing a Pen, but certainly not standout. I'd guess L1/lower championship is his level, although maybe with more help he is more effective.
  30. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Another goal for Jonathan Amon, who is working his way back from injury. He should return to the starting lineup soon and he should probably be fast-tracked to the NT given our paucity of decent wingers.

  31. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Lynden Gooch has had a bright start in Sunderland's League One campaign: he has 1g/3a in four games so far. Perhaps League One is his level, although I think being on a team that actually wins will be good for his development. I can see him settling in as a decent Championship player down the road.

    '02 center back Mason Judge is reportedly heading to Germany. He must have some sort of European passport to move at age 16. Chargers SC is based in the Tampa area.

    Former U20 central midfielder Eryk Williamson is rumored to be going on loan to CD Santa Clara in the Portuguese league. They are a newly promoted club from the Azores. Not a bad gig in terms of lifestyle, but for various reasons it seems like stints in Portugal never work out for Americans. Maybe Williamson will buck the trend. It's not like he's going to get a chance to play in Portland.

  32. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Another one off to Germany.

    Rugova is a forward / winger type who came up through SKC's academy. He rejected a USL deal over the winter and has been MIA since. Now he joins Nürnberg's U19 team.

    I suspect that he'll ultimately wind up playing for Kosovo unless he breaks out quickly and moves up the US depth chart. He's dabbled in a Kosovar youth friendly camp before.
  33. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Giving John Brooks a free header from just outside the six is probably not the best strategy to defend corner kicks.

  34. Jimy Hendrix

    Jimy Hendrix Member SoSH Member

    Nor is John Brooks kicking a striker in the head, it seems.
  35. Kliq

    Kliq Member SoSH Member

    Cameron Carter Vickers is headed back to the Championship, signing a season long loan deal for Swansea.
  36. speedracer

    speedracer Member SoSH Member

    DeAndre Yedlin (condition upgraded to 'ambulatory') filled up the statsheet at home against Chelsea. 90 minutes, forearm shiver to Olivier Giroud on the way to putting in a cross for the game-tying goal, then tipped a ball into his own net for Chelsea's game-winner.
  37. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Portland midfielder Eryk Williamson has gone on loan to Santa Clara, who were just promoted to the top division in Portugal. Nice gig — they are the biggest club in the Azores.
  38. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Josh Sargent scored again for Werder's reserves today. He's up to four goals in six games. I still feel good about his chances of debuting this season. A badly-autotranslated report from Germany suggested that he won't be called into USMNT camp this month and may be made available for U20 qualifiers in November. If true, that sounds like Ramos was able to strike a deal with Werder, and it would be a huge boon to the U20 qualifying effort.

    Sebastian Soto has scored twice for Hannover U19 in his first four games. Chris Gloster has started in most of those games at LB, but he made his Hannover II debut last week and then started for them today. I suppose that's a good sign.

    19 year old Swedish-American DM Jens Cajuste made his first team debut for Midtjylland in Denmark. Shoutout to Bill Hamid's instagram page for alerting people on social media & message boards to his Americanness. Cajuste joined the club this summer from Örgryte, where he had played a bit in the Swedish second division.

    21 year old attacking midfielder Joel Sonora made his pro debut for Talleres de Cordoba in Argentina and had a nice assist — not bad for six minutes of work. Sonora was part of the U17 team in 2013 and previously spent time with Stuttgart's reserves.
  39. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Despite some rumors, no permanent transfer has materialized for Geoff Cameron, so he's now reported to be going on loan to QPR until January, when the issue will be revisited.

  40. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Americans in the CL group stage:

    Christian Pulisic (Dortmund)
    Weston McKennie (Schalke)
    Timothy Weah (PSG)
    Ethan Horvath (Club Brugge) [he's firmly a backup this season]

    At the club but unlikely to play: Keaton Parks (Benfica), Chris Richards (Bayern)

    Americans in the EL group stage:

    Kenny Saief (Anderlecht)
    Timothy Chandler (Eintracht Frankfurt) [out for six months]
    Romain Gall (Malmö)
    Jordan Siebatcheu (Rennes)

    At the club but unlikely to play: Mukwelle Akale (Villarreal), Gedion Zelalem (Arsenal)
  41. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

  42. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Yedlin scored against Man City today. Apparently it was the first EPL goal scored by an American since Cameron in March 2014.

  43. 67YAZ

    67YAZ Member SoSH Member

    That cancels out last week’s own goal, right?
  44. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Five goals in seven games. He scored a penalty that he drew and also assisted on a goal today. He'd be with the USMNT, but he asked the USSF to skip the camp because he's going to play with the first team in a friendly or two over the international break. It's a no-brainer to let him climb the ranks at Werder ASAP.

    Andrija Novakovich scored in a 1-1 draw with Utrecht. I'm guessing Fortuna Sittard will be pretty bad this season, but hopefully he can score at a decent clip (2 in 4 games so far).

    Chris Gloster has now made several starts for Hannover II and perhaps has permanently moved up from the U19s. Pray for our LB prospects.

    Chris Richards scored his first goal for Bayern U19 against Hoffenheim U19 in the DFB Junioren Pokal.

    Jonathan Suarez, a 21 year old winger who made his Liga MX debut for Querétaro in August, registered an assist in his second appearance and seemed to generate good reviews overall. He perhaps is in line for more minutes with the mother club after spending last spring on loan with Cimarrones de Sonora in the second division.
  45. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Okay. With most of the transfer windows around the world now closed, it's time for the list:

    AM Joel Soñora, 1996, Talleres de Córdoba (on loan from Stuttgart)

    Premier League
    AM Eder Arreola, 1991, Shirak
    FW Cesar Romero, 1989, Alashkert

    AM Josh Gatt, 1991, Rheindorf Altach

    First Division A
    GK Ethan Horvath, 1995, Club Brugge
    CB Brendan Hines-Ike, 1994, Kortrijk
    CM Juan Pablo Torres, 1999, Lokeren
    AM Kenny Saief, 1993, Anderlecht
    FW Frantzdy Pierrot, 1995, Mouscron

    Bosnia & Herzegovina
    Premier League
    AM Nermin Crnkić, 1992, FK Tuzla City
    FW Danijal Brković, 1991, Radnik Bijeljina

    Primera A
    GK Kevin Piedrahita, 1991, La Equidad

    Costa Rica
    AM Juan Arellano, 1995, Cartaginés

    GK Mike Lansing, 1994, Aalborg
    AM Jonathan Amon, 1999, Nordsjælland
    FW Seyi Adekoya, 1995, Vendsyssel
    FW Emmanuel Sabbi, 1997, Hobro

    First Division
    CB Kyle McLagan, 1995, Roskilde
    LB Jared Rice, 1995, Roskilde

    Premier League
    RB DeAndre Yedlin, 1993, Newcastle United
    CB Tim Ream, 1987, Fulham
    CM Danny Williams, 1989, Huddersfield Town
    AM Luca de la Torre, 1998, Fulham

    RB Eric Lichaj, 1988, Hull City
    CB Geoff Cameron, 1985, Stoke City
    CB Cameron Carter-Vickers, 1997, Swansea City (on loan from Tottenham Hotspur)
    LB Antonee Robinson, 1997, Wigan Athletic (on loan from Everton)
    AM Gboly Ariyibi, 1995, Nottingham Forest
    AM Duane Holmes, 1994, Derby County

    League One
    GK Brendan Moore, 1992, Rochdale
    LB Niall Mason, 1997, Doncaster Rovers
    AM Lynden Gooch, 1995, Sunderland

    GK Tim Murray, 1987, Honka

    CB David Abidor, 1992, Haka
    CB Etchu Tabe, 1986, Ekenäs
    CB Kwame Watson-Siriboe, 1986, KTP
    LB Josue Soto, 1989, Oulu
    CM Jacob Bushue, 1992, Ekenäs
    FW Gerald Ben, 1992, Haka

    Ligue 1
    CB Matt Miazga, 1995, Nantes (on loan from Chelsea)
    FW Jordan Siebatcheu, 1996, Rennes
    FW Timothy Weah, 2000, Paris Saint-Germain

    Ligue 2
    GK Quentin Westberg, 1986, Auxerre

    National 1
    FW Maki Tall, 1995, Tours

    RB Timothy Chandler, 1990, Eintracht Frankfurt
    CB John Anthony Brooks, 1993, Wolfsburg
    CM Weston McKennie, 1998, Schalke
    CM Alfredo Morales, 1990, Fortuna Düsseldorf
    CM Caleb Stanko, 1993, Freiburg
    AM Fabian Johnson, 1987, Borussia Mönchengladbach
    AM Christian Pulisic, 1998, Borussia Dortmund
    FW Aron Jóhannsson, 1990, Werder Bremen
    FW Bobby Wood, 1992, Hannover (on loan from Hamburg)

    GK Kenneth Kronholm, 1985, Holstein Kiel
    RB Marcel Costly, 1995, Magdeburg
    RB Ken Gipson, 1996, Sandhausen
    CB Lennard Maloney, 1999, Union Berlin
    AM McKinze Gaines, 1998, Darmstadt
    AM Jann George, 1992, Jahn Regensburg
    AM Julian Green, 1995, Greuther Fürth
    AM Joe Gyau, 1992, MSV Duisburg
    AM Kevin Lankford, 1998, Heidenheim
    FW Terrence Boyd, 1991, Darmstadt
    FW Andrew Wooten, 1989, Sandhausen

    3. Liga
    CM Royal-Dominique Fennell, 1989, VfR Aalen
    CM Bryan Gaul, 1989, Zwickau
    AM Junior Ebot-Etchi, 1996, Sportfreunde Lotte
    AM Devann Yao, 1990, Meppen
    FW Marc Heider, 1986, Osnabrück

    GK Jonathan Klinsmann, 1997, Hertha Berlin II
    GK Brady Scott, 1999, Köln II
    RB Corey Anton, 1999, Hoffenheim II
    RB Darian Gurley, 1998, Astoria Walldorf
    RB Masami Okada, 1991, Babelsberg
    CB Ryan Malone, 1992, Lokomotive Leipzig
    CM Mael Corboz, 1994, Wattenscheid
    CM Eric Lickert, 1995, Homburg
    CM Evin Nadaner, 1992, Schwarz-Weiß Rehden
    CM Oscar Ortiz, 1994, Optik Rathenow
    AM Gillian Jurcher, 1997, Saarbrücken
    AM Isaiah Young, 1998, Werder Bremen II
    MF Benyas Junge, 1999, Viktoria Berlin
    FW Kevin Coleman, 1998, Bayreuth

    RB Toni Suddoth, 1998, Normannia Gmünd
    CB Coby McGregor, 1999, Baumberg
    CB Demarveay Sheron, 1997, Oberachern
    LB Dallas Aminzadeh, 1993, Bremer SV
    CM Max Konrad, 1997, Tennis Borussia Berlin
    AM Piakai Henkel, 1995, SV Linx
    AM Malik McLemore, 1997, Bayern Hof
    AM Nick Taitague, 1999, Schalke II
    AM Alex Vedamanikam, 1999, Eintracht Braunschweig II
    FW Ian Claus, 1993, Barmbek-Uhlenhorst
    FW Kouami Dalmeida, 1990, Waldgirmes
    FW Jordan Dörr, 1998, Viktoria Griesheim
    FW Carlos McCrary, 1991, Neu-Isenburg
    FW Branden Stelmak, 1989, Chemie Leipzig
    FW Haji Wright, 1998, Schalke II

    Football League [2nd tier]
    AM Joe Efford, 1996, Ergotelis

    Liga Nacional
    AM Isaac Acuña, 1989, Deportivo Guastatoya

    Liga Nacional
    GK Justin Perez, 1992, Honduras Progreso

    GK Will Dieterich, 1987, Stjarnan
    AM Dion Acoff, 1991, Valur
    FW Will Daniels, 1990, Grindavík
    FW Sito Seoane, 1989, Grindavík

    Premier League
    LB Jonathan Bornstein, 1984, Maccabi Netanya
    CM Jake Rozhansky, 1996, Maccabi Netanya
    FW Aaron Schoenfeld, 1990, Maccabi Tel Aviv

    Liga Leumit
    GK Eric Klenofsky, 1994, Hapoel Marmorek

    GK Daniel Schmidt, 1992, Vegalta Sendai

    J3 League
    CM Justin Kinjo, 1997, Thespakusatsu Gunma

    Premier League
    AM Seo-In Kim, 1995, Qormi

    Liga MX
    GK Lalo Fernandez, 1992, Tigres
    GK William Yarbrough, 1989, León
    CB Ventura Alvarado, 1992, Necaxa
    CB Omar Gonzalez, 1988, Atlas
    CB Michael Orozco, 1986, Lobos BUAP
    CM Joe Corona, 1990, América
    CM Alejandro Guido, 1994, Tijuana
    CM Jose Francisco Torres, 1987, Puebla
    AM Rubio Rubin, 1996, Tijuana
    AM Jonathan Suarez, 1997, Querétaro
    AM Alejandro Zendejas, 1998, Chivas

    Ascenso MX
    GK Bernabé Magaña, 1993, Venados
    CB Jaime Frias, 1993, Atlético San Luis
    CB Ángel Uribe, 1999, Dorados de Sinaloa (on loan from Tijuana)
    CB Jesús Antonio Vázquez, 1995, Atlante (on loan from Tigres)
    LB Jonathan Esparza, 1999, Alebrijes de Oaxaca (on loan from Tijuana)
    LB Josué Soto, 1995, Cimarrones de Sonora (on loan from Querétaro)
    CM Fernando Arce, Jr., 1996, Dorados de Sinaloa (on loan from Tijuana)
    CM Rodrigo Lopez, 1987, Celaya
    AM Jesus Vazquez, 1994, Universidad de Guadalajara
    FW Alonso Hernandez, 1994, Correcaminos UAT

    Liga Premier
    GK Pablo Villar, 1996, Tuxtla
    DF Cristian Cruz, 1995, Tuxtla
    DF Andy Garcia, 1995, Real Zamora (on loan from Toluca)
    DF Juan Monticelli, 1997, Coras de Nayarit
    MF Alexis de la Rosa, 1996, Dorados UACH
    MF Irvin Gijon, 1994, Morelia Premier
    MF Christian Lucatero, 1997, Necaxa Premier
    MF Diego Mendoza, 1994, Pacific
    MF Fernando Mercado, 1994, Gavilanes de Matamoros
    MF Ernest Nungaray, 1992, Morelia Premier
    MF Luis Rodriguez, 1999, Toluca Premier
    MF Jose Salas, 1996, Real Zamora
    FW Isaias Hernandez, 1996, Correcaminos UAT Premier
    FW Ricardo Zacarias, 1995, Coras de Nayarit

    RB Desevio Payne, 1995, Excelsior
    CB Erik Palmer-Brown, 1997, NAC Breda (on loan from Manchester City)
    FW Andrija Novakovich, 1996, Fortuna Sittard (on loan from Reading)

    Eerste Divisie
    CM Kyle Scott, 1997, Telstar (on loan from Chelsea)
    FW Kai Koreniuk, 1998, AZ Alkmaar II

    CB Stefan Antonijevic, 1989, Lillestrøm

    AM Luke Ferreira, 1995, Jerv
    FW Sean Okoli, 1993, Jerv

    Premier League
    CM Conor Agnew, 1994, Derry City
    FW Jake Keegan, 1991, St. Patrick’s Athletic

    First League
    FW Kyrian Nwabueze, 1992, Pobeda

    Primeira Liga
    CM Keaton Parks, 1997, Benfica

    Liga Pro
    AM Stephen Payne, 1997, Varzim

    Liga 1
    CB Danny Barbir, 1998, Astra Giurgiu

    Liga 2
    CM Kofi Twumasi, 1996, Universitatea Cluj (on loan from Viitorul Constanta)

    Premier League
    GK Kevin Silva, 1998, Hearts
    CM Emerson Hyndman, 1996, Hibernian (on loan from Bournemouth)

    CM Kyle Thomson, 1996, Greenock Morton

    Super Liga
    CM Brian Iloski, 1995, Zemplín Michalovce (on loan from Legia Warsaw)

    CB Darick Kobie Morris, 1995, Domžale
    AM Macario Hing-Glover, 1995, Krško

    South Africa
    FW Nana Akosah-Bempah, 1997, Cape Town City

    South Korea
    CM Mix Diskerud, 1990, Ulsan Hyundai (on loan from Manchester City)

    Segunda División
    RB Shaq Moore, 1996, Reus (on loan from Levante)

    Segunda B
    GK Benjamin Machini, 1996, Burgos
    AM Mukwelle Akale, 1997, Villarreal B
    MF Ander Egiluz, 1998, Leioa (on loan from Athletic Bilbao)

    GK Josh Wicks, 1983, Sirius
    RB Kofi Sarkodie, 1991, Trelleborg
    CB Alex DeJohn, 1991, Dalkurd
    AM Romain Gall, 1995, Malmö
    FW Andy Stadler, 1988, Dalkurd

    GK Matt Pyzdrowski, 1986, Varberg
    CM Zev Taublieb, 1993, Varberg

    Super League
    AM Kekuta Manneh, 1994, St. Gallen

    Premier League
    CM Jay Denny, 1986, Newtown
  46. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    And players in youth or reserve leagues:

    AM George Acosta, 2000, Boca Juniors
    AM Juan Blanco, 2000, Belgrano
    AM Matko Miljevic, 2001, Argentinos Juniors

    Primera B Nacional
    CM Adam Ozeri, 1998, Ferro Carril Oeste

    AM Hajrudin Karasalihovic, 2000, Vorwärts Steyr

    First Division A
    CM Ben Lederman, 2000, Gent

    Serie A
    FW Nicholas Mendonca, 2001, Vasco da Gama

    Campeonato Nacional
    DF Dylan Keleman, 2003, Universidad Católica

    CM Andres Jimenez, 2000, Envigado

    CM Jens Cajuste, 1999, Midtjylland

    Premier League
    GK Nicolas Defreitas-Hansen, 2001, Everton U-18
    GK Gabe Rosario, 1999, Huddersfield Town U-23
    GK Ethan Wady, 2002, Chelsea U-18
    RB Marlon Fossey, 1998, Fulham U-23
    RB Matthew Olosunde, 1998, Manchester United U-23
    CM Owen Otasowie, 2001, Wolves U-18
    CM Peter Stroud, 2002, West Ham United U-18
    CM Gedion Zelalem, 1997, Arsenal U-23
    MF Austin Herring, 2003, Southampton
    MF Matteo Ritaccio, 2001, Liverpool U-18
    FW Vaughn Covil, 2003, Southampton

    CB Giles Phillips, 1997, QPR U-23
    LB Alec Kenison, 2003, Middlesbrough
    AM Indiana Vassilev, 2001, Aston Villa U-18
    MF Chitua Hani-Okoroafor, 2003, Sheffield Wednesday
    FW Dillon Keane, 2001, Stoke City U-18

    League One
    FW Charlie Kelman, 2001, Southend United U-23

    Ligue 1
    FW Nicholas Gioacchini, 2000, Caen
    FW Ismael Ido, 1999, Nantes
    FW Kevin Kelley, 2005, PSG

    CB Mason Judge, 2002, Eintracht Frankfurt U-17
    CB Chris Richards, 2000, Bayern Munich U-19 (on loan from FC Dallas)
    LB Chris Gloster, 2000, Hannover U-19
    CM Maximilian Dietz, 2002, Freiburg U-17
    CM Max Göggel, 2002, Stuttgart U-17
    CM Malik Tillman, 2002, Bayern Munich U-17
    MF Grayson Dettoni, 2005, Bayern Munich U-14
    MF Joon Kang, 2002, Mainz U-17
    FW Justin Butler, 2001, Bayern Munich U-19
    FW Zyen Jones, 2000, Schalke U-19
    FW Max Rugova, 2000, Nürnberg U-19
    FW Sebastian Soto, 2000, Hannover U-19

    CM Leon Flach, 2001, St. Pauli U-19
    AM Jalen Hawkins, 2001, Ingolstadt U-19

    3. Liga
    LB Elias Thomas, 2001, Eintracht Braunschweig U-19
    CM Ian Hoffmann, 2001, Karlsruhe U-19
    AM Timo Bosselman, 2002, Kaiserslautern U-17
    AM Giona Leibold, 2000, Wehen Wiesbaden U-19
    MF Jermaine Parker, 2001, Wehen Wiesbaden U-19

    Super League
    CM Theodoros Motsios, 2001, AE Larissa U-20

    Serie A
    GK Jordaine Jaeger, 2002, Bologna U-16
    GK Luca Lewis, 2001, Torino U-19
    DF Diego Thompson, 2005, Roma
    CM Kevin Bright, 2003, AC Milan
    MF Gennaro Nigro, 2000, Roma U-19

    Serie B
    LB Alessandro Milesi, 1999, Brescia U-19
    CM Raphael Iacovelli, 2000, Carpi U-19

    Liga MX
    GK Benny Diaz, 1998, Querétaro U-20
    GK Luis Zamudio, 1998, América U-20
    DF Edson Alvarado, 1998, Tijuana U-20
    DF Fernando Alvarez, 2003, Pachuca U-15
    DF Michael Barragan, 2002, Atlas U-17
    DF Jorge Ganem, 2002, León U-17
    DF Sergio Gonzalez, 2000, Necaxa U-20
    DF Sebastian Medina, 2001, Atlas U-17
    DF Hector Montalvo, 1998, Tigres U-20
    DF Ralph Orquino, 2003, América U-15
    DF Brian Perez, 1999, Tijuana U-20
    MF Ernesto Espinoza, 1999, Tijuana U-20
    MF Carlos Flores, 1998, Tigres U-20
    MF Kevin Gonzalez, 2003, América U-15
    MF Mauricio Isais, 2001, Pachuca (Tercera)
    MF Mario Lopez, 2002, Tijuana U-17
    MF Leo Marquez, 1999, León U-20
    MF Manuel Mendoza, 2001, Veracruz U-17
    MF Oscar Montano, 1999, Tijuana (Tercera)
    MF Edson Murguia, 1999, Pumas U-20
    MF Antonio Nava, 1999, Tijuana U-20
    MF David Nunez, 1999, Tijuana (Tercera)
    MF Miguel Ramirez, 2002, América U-15
    MF Jacobo Reyes, 2000, Monterrey U-20
    MF Jared Romero, 2000, Tijuana U-20
    MF Pedro Santos, 1999, Querétaro U-20
    FW Jose Adame, 2000, Atlas (Tercera)
    FW Sagir Arce, 2002, Morelia U-17
    FW Steven Chiu, 2003, Santos Laguna U-15
    FW Domingo Contreras, 2002, Tijuana U-17
    FW Manuel Lopez, 2000, Santos Laguna U-20
    FW Cesar Mata, 2002, Necaxa U-17
    FW Santiago Munoz, 2002, Santos Laguna U-17
    FW Fernando Sanchez, 2002, Toluca U-17

    Ascenso MX
    GK Marco Canales, 1999, Juarez
    DF Ruben Rodriguez, 2001, Zacatecas (Tercera)
    DF Bryan Romero, 2003, Celaya (Tercera)
    MF Adrian Villa, 1999, Atlante
    MF Orlando Sanchez, 2000, Atlético San Luis (Tercera)

    RB Sergino Dest, 2000, Ajax U-19
    LB Stuart Ritchie, 2001, Groningen U-19
    CM Aethan Yohannes, 2004, AZ Alkmaar U-15
    AM Jamie Dunning, 2002, Feyenoord U-17
    AM Joshua Pynadath, 2002, Ajax U-17
    AM Levi Skyum, 2004, Feyenoord U-15

    Eerste Divisie
    FW Lateef Omidiji, Go Ahead Eagles U-17

    CM Amos Shapiro-Thompson, 2000, Legia Warsaw II

    Primeira Liga
    GK C.J. dos Santos, 2000, Benfica U-19
    AM Ethan Borges, 2004, Sporting CP

    CM Mateja Milasinovic, 2001, Partizan

    La Liga
    CB Ethan Bayer, 2002, Rayo Vallecano
    AM Konrad de la Fuente, 2001, Barcelona Juvenil A
    AM Gannen Headrick, 2002, Atlético Madrid
    AM Ali Khatoun, 1998, Leganés B
    AM Jack Imperato, 2002, Villarreal
    AM Federico Oliva, 2004, Atlético Madrid
    MF Michael Carmona, 2001, Atlético Madrid
    MF Andre Luiz Queiroz, 2002, Real Madrid Cadete A
    FW Mateo Perez-Nance, 2004, Getafe

    Segunda Division
    RB Akil Watts, 2000, Mallorca B

    Segunda Division B
    CM Lawson Sunderland, 2001, Sabadell
    AM Ryan Palmbaum, 2000, Sabadell
  47. thehitcat

    thehitcat Well-Known Member Silver Supporter SoSH Member

    TB, I'm a little late to this but thank you. These lists, your updates and your thoughtful responses to the news of the day make all the difference for me (and I'm sure many others) in how I follow US Soccer. What you bring to SoSH is one of the reasons I come here everyday.
  48. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Cheers. Here's hoping there's a lot to celebrate in this thread this season!
  49. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    In the first friendly, he assisted and in the second he scored:

    Love this goal. Nice combination play, good movement, quality finish.

    In other news:

    Midfielder Gennaro Nigro '00, a player about whom I know very little, came on as a sub for Roma in a friendly. In an alternate universe he'd be a freshman at Cornell instead of replacing Javier Pastore. I have no idea if he's any good, but presumably he's not the worst player on Roma's U19 team if he's included in international break first team friendlies.

    Midfielder Ian Hoffmann '01 came off the bench and scored a goal for Karlsruhe's first team in a friendly. He just moved up from their U17s to their U19s this season. He seems to be highly regarded by the club and because Karlsruhe are now in the third division, breaking into the first team won't be as hard.

    Based on this talent agency's tweet and some articles coming out from Dutch journalists, it's all but confirmed that (now former) RSL academy midfielder Richie Ledezma will be joining PSV Eindhoven. Unfortunately he turned 18 about a week after the transfer window closed, so he can't be registered to play in any official games until January. At that point he'll probably join the U19 squad, or maybe the reserves.

  50. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Following the international break, Julian Green was on the bench, but he ended up scoring the final goal in Greuther Fürth's 4-1 win over Holstein Kiel. For the moment, they are on top of the 2.Bundesliga early on.

    19 year old winger Jonathan Amon started and scored for Nordsjælland against Randers in a game that's currently at halftime. I'd like to see Amon for the October friendlies.


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