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2018-2019 Europa League: Ambling to Azerbaijan

Discussion in 'Breakfast with Gazza (with Sachmoneious Bullcrap)' started by Cuzittt, Jun 28, 2018.

  1. Cuzittt

    Cuzittt Bouncing with Anger Dope

    The Europa League started in earnest today with some stellar play from teams representing San Marino, Andorra, Gibraltar, Malta, the Faroe Islands, Wales, and one lone team from Lithuania (Kosovo represented in the lone game Tuesday).

    Going into next Thursday's second match day of the Preliminaries, the biggest lead is held by San Marino's Tre Fiori who kicked some Bala Town (Wales) butt by the scoreline of 3-0.

    Who ya got?
  2. BCsMightyJoeYoung

    BCsMightyJoeYoung Member SoSH Member

    Quick aside .. now that A.C. Milan has been booted out of the EL for FFP violations does another Italian team take their spot?
  3. MiracleOfO2704

    MiracleOfO2704 not AWOL SoSH Member

    I’ll try to find an English link, but Atalanta took Milan’s spot, so yes.
  4. Domer

    Domer Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter SoSH Member

    And Fiorentina took Atalanta’s spot in the qualifying round. The ruling still could be overturned on appeal though.
  5. Titans Bastard

    Titans Bastard has sunil gulati in his sights Lifetime Member SoSH Member

    Looks like Tre Fiori's win was the first by a Sammarinese club in European competition in the last five years. San Marino still fell to dead last in the UEFA coefficients because both Kosovar clubs in Europe got results this week. Coefficients consider the last five seasons, so Kosovo should slowly rise in the rankings above the especially minnow-y minnows.

    Speaking of which, this is Gibraltar's fifth year in Europe and they have - for now, anyway - passed the League of Wales and the Irish Premier League (N. Ireland) in the rankings.

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