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2017-18 Providence College Hoops: Great Expectations?

Discussion in 'College Sports' started by CouchsideSteve, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. CouchsideSteve

    CouchsideSteve Member SoSH Member

    Naturally, just a handful of days after I predicted we’re in the clear with transfers, a guy transfers.

    Dickens signed in Feb of his junior year in HS (2016). At the time, the roster had a glaring lack of big men. So even as an unfinished product, he was probably sold on immediate playing time. But enter Kalif Young as a late class of ‘16 signing, and later Nate Watson joining Dickens in ‘17, and he’s third on the depth chart at center even after redshirting a year. Sounds like there may have been some off-court stuff as well, but this is only surprising insofar as it happened really late — there wasn’t going to be PT for both Young and Dickens in ‘18-19.

    Not much of a loss for this coming season and it perhaps helps land a late grad transfer who could upgrade the wing position in 2019-2020. But further down the road, it’s a shame to lose a player with such demonstrable upside.
  2. HomeRunBaker

    HomeRunBaker bet squelcher SoSH Member

    Timing of this is awful for Cooley. This late there is about zero chance to find a grad transfer able to contribute as anyone capable of playing D-1 minutes have already committed. We really needed scoring from the forward position too......Ryan Luther (Pitt) would have been ideal but he already committed to Arizona as would have Desean Murray who graduated from Auburn before landing at Western Kentucky.
  3. Mloaf71

    Mloaf71 lurker

    No one commenting on the arrival of another top 50ish recruit from Greg Gantt (sp?). Another NC kid stolen from ACC country.

    Even with Dickens leaving the depth and quality of he rotation players continues to improve year in and year out!
  4. CouchsideSteve

    CouchsideSteve Member SoSH Member

    You're right, my previous post was poorly worded -- I meant not a grad transfer, but a late transfer who would sit out 2018-19 and contribute to a young team the following season. Regardless, the likelihood of filling the scholarship this year seems pretty low now, with August almost upon us.

    No reason to dwell on the Dickens news however, because as the poster above notes, landing Greg Gantt as PC's first 2019 commitment is a huge coup for Cooley and his staff. Consensus top-60 player in the class, and importantly, as a 6'7" wing projects to fill a position of need relative to the other young talents already in the fold. Between Langford, Duke, Reeves and Gantt, the Friars have landed some highly sought-after talents in the last ~18 months. Not to mention Watson, who impressed as a Freshman and -- health permitting -- should be a four-year-starter. This is an amazing time for the program.

    It's also an important development for the coming season that Emmitt Holt plans to play during the team's trip to Italy in August. I'll discuss the range of outcomes for Holt when I write a season preview post, but if he recovers to full strength, he's likely the team's best player on both ends of the floor.

    Last but not least, fun update on recent grads Kyron Cartwright and Rodney Bullock, who will kick off their pro careers as teammates for a team in Hungary (more details at the bottom of the Projo Holt story linked above).
  5. pdaj

    pdaj Member SoSH Member

    Aside from a few more NCAA wins, Cooley's time in Providence, coinciding with the transition to the new Big East, couldn't have gone any better. The coach has gotten many talented, local kids to choose the Friars, and Jeff Battle's proven to be a tremendous asset in the recruiting game down south. The results of this have lead to a very talented roster. If Akok Akok is next, I'll be floored.

    I'm excited for this season and think Emmitt Holt will be the key. Just how "back" is he after enduring such a tremendous health scare? His presence at the 4 just makes Providence's top unit a helluva lot better. It's great to hear that he'll be playing with his teammates in Italy.

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