The 15th Almost Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

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We skipped 2020, so this is the 15th Annual contest. Copying and pasting from last year:

Here are the rules:

-You can't pick someone that's already been picked.

-The player has to be on a MLB active roster during the regular season prior to their surgery, (if they're in the minors it doesn't count), so if they aren't on the Opening Day roster you are putting your pick at risk. If they get called up on April 10 and get the surgery (and they have to HAVE the surgery for you to win) later that year you qualify, but if they start the year on the DL or in the minors and never get activated they aren't going to count

-Put your choice in bold.

I'll hold off making my choice for a bit

Doug Beerabelli won last year with Tyler Glasnow. Glasnow wasn't the first to go down with TJ Surgery, but he was the first to go down who had been selected


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Jul 15, 2005
Right, like when people talk about the great Orioles shortstop they just say Cal Ripken.


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Jul 25, 2005
The flaw in your logic is that there is only one Lance McCullers currently playing professional baseball so in this context there is only one possible conclusion.

E5, stop encouraging him.