March/April MLB News

Jason Bae

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Jul 23, 2021
I wonder if the White Sox clean house before the trade deadline.

woof. They are a tire fire
Tire fire is an understatement.


"[Sports] is different than any other business. For example, your competitors are your partners. You earn probably half of your income in conjunction with your competitors. At the same time, you are at the mercy of your dumbest competitors."

"Particularly in baseball. If you have somebody who decides he wants to spend $42 million on a second baseman who hits .202, and one comes along for you, you’re going to probably have to spend the same money. The whole thing is irrational."

Reinsdorf: "My approach has been I never really cared about making any money, I just want to win. Now, that’s not what I wanted to do in business. ... The first week I was in sports somebody said to me 'If you listen to the fans, you’ll soon be sitting with the fans.'"

"You can’t allow your decisions to be guided by emotions of what you think people want. At the same time, you have to consider what your fans are thinking or they’re not going to buy your tickets."

Reinsdorf: "Sports is a business of failure but the fact that you finish second or third or fourth it doesn’t mean you had a bad year."

"I think the important thing to fans is, while they want you to win championships, they want to know that when they get down to the last month of the season you still have a shot. You’re still playing meaningful games. If you can do that consistently you’ll make your fans happy."

More Reinsdorf: "If you think that you know more than your GM or head coach, then you’ve got the wrong GM... sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and have faith. But you can’t make the decisions for your baseball people...You’ve got to let them make the decisions."

"Sometimes I sit in ownership meetings and I think ‘how in the world could these guys have made money to buy a team.'"

Reinsdorf: In 1981 we were getting $6,000 per game for White Sox games. Now our rights fees are about $700k per game…. We were getting away with murder with the cable bundle.

On cable cont.: "People were paying for sports who really didn’t want the sports….Streaming is coming along but it doesn’t produce the money that the cable bundle produced. And there’s basically near-panic. because where are we going to replace this money in the short term?"

Reinsdorf ended with this half-joking remark on gambling: "Baseball may have made a mistake by speeding up the games this year. Because while people want faster games and want to get out early, there’s less time to bet between the pitches. Maybe we made a mistake."


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Mar 2, 2009
Well. This explains how he was able to go on a rant for 7+ mins without any filler words.

You can always tell when someone's got a classical education in the arts.

The caller sounds like Michael Rapaport.

The caller sounds like Michael Rapaport.
Like, Higher Learning Rapaport or NBA All-Star Weekend Celebrity Game Rapaport?