De Panzer continues Week 10 vs Colts


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I don't post here much, but this fucking clown show, faliure of a football team falls squarely on the shoulders of Belichick. At this point, Mac Jone's career path ceiling is no better than that of a career backup QB. His development has been retarded by having 4 different OCs in first first three seasons, including the two headed shit show that was the Matt Patricia/Joe Judge debacle of last year and that's just addressing the QB issue. Kraft has given Bill full control of the team and looking at these past two seasons and IMO the game has begun to pass him by. He might be considered the best coach of all time or at the very least the most successful coach of all time and deservedly so, but all of these guys have a shelf leave and BB may well be a coupe of years past his expiration date. I wonder how much longer Kraft is willing to keep Bill on in pursuit of the all time wins record. At the rate that they're going he might need another two seasons after this one and I don't think that the franchise can afford that.

Harry Hooper

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Jan 4, 2002
Zappe looked at JuJu first and then ignored him. Normally I'd approve, but...


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Jul 16, 2005
“How can Zappe not be better than this guy?” is a question that is quickly answered every time he gets PT