Basketball - questions on 5 out motion offense


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Dec 21, 2001
Trying to work some things out in my head, and would appreciate some feedback.

So, basic 5 out setup:

Left Corner
Left Wing
Point Guard
Right Wing
Right Corner

Ball is on the right wing, he passes to the point and makes a basket cut.
If the pass isn't there (PG holds the ball), I assume the RW does a sort of U turn and goes to the RC, as the RC is the one who fills the former RW position, correct?

Same setup, ball is on the right wing. He drives to the basket. Who should fill his position? If the intention is to potentially drive and kick, if we fill positions from the weak side there is no one in the left corner to kick it out to (which would seem a likely place to want to kick out to). The RW can of course kick it out to the new LW, or turn around and kick it to the RC, but the second option doesn't seem as good to me. If we fill the RW position from the RC, the LC is still there for the kick-out. But, I think this is generally not the fill pattern we think of and don't want to confuse the kids.



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Jan 11, 2023
I did not play organized basketball until 8th grade, and when I got to high school I was way out of my element because I had never been in a motion offense before. I had a real hard time remembering plays and responsibilities. Luckily, we had a great coach in HS who installed a "flex" type of offense and made it easy to understand.

In your first scenario here, once that wing makes the pass and cuts, ideally he should continue on to the left wing and screen away from the ball. Then you have the PG who still has the ball, and the left wing makes a hard cut using the screen from the other wing. Usually, that cutter may be open. If he isn't, then the RW who set that screen away from the ball should be open. This assumes the other team isn't calling out every single screen and don't get their heads turned around.

If things get chaotic, best practice should be Pass - screen away from the ball - someone else fills in and screens for the screener. Once this happens 3 or 4 times on one possession, someone is usually open cutting to the basket or for a jumper.