12/28 - Bruins at Devils

Ferm Sheller

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Mar 5, 2007
I need to apologize for this, I was not completely paying attention and thought it was only 30 seconds left, not almost 2 minutes. My goalie brain freaked out and almost deleted it haha
LOL, you weren't telling us anything we weren't all thinking, anyway.


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Nov 15, 2006
Keith Yandle says they should rename the Selke to the Bergeron.

I don't agree. They should just hyphenate it.

The Selke-Bergy.

The Mort Report

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Aug 5, 2007
LOL, you weren't telling us anything we weren't all thinking, anyway.
Yeah but you don't say it! I played with a guy who was great dude, good skater, but a stoner and we were in a championship game, other team calls a timeout with 2 minutes left, us up either 2 or 1 to 0, and he looks at me and goes, "Hey Mort, you have a shutout so far!" I kept it, but he caught a ton of shit ha

Jed Zeppelin

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Aug 23, 2008
Was holding my breath for a bit in the 3rd. Bergy was taken down by the boards and skated off pretty slowly. The goal, however, may have come on his very next shift.

Both teams looked out of sorts but I thought the B’s mostly had the better of it after the really sloppy opening. Pretty blasé with the puck throughout the night but they turned on the forecheck, made the scrappy plays, and really gave NJ a hard time. Every shot the Devils took or tried to take had bodies in the way (guy next to me was losing his shit every time NJ passed up a shot but a lot of stuff just wasn’t getting through anyway).

For me the game turned when they opened the 2nd period with the Frederic line who worked over NJ pretty good for some sustained pressure.

People are really over the top about Marchand. Maybe overheard one guy saying they’d like to have him on their side but everyone else basically couldn’t utter his name without calling him a rat bastard. Had to stop myself from obnoxiously calling them jealous every time.

Edit: It was Pride Night tonight, which was pretty cool.
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Apr 18, 2007
Lindholm with two primary assists tonight. Dude is reminding me of vintage Dennis Seidenberg, maybe even better. And Ullmark continues to be otherworldly. I've been harsh on Sweeney and his overall roster construction in the past, but these are two acquisitions paying massive dividends at the moment, so props there.

The expected goals on this one are quite interesting. NJ obviously blew the doors off in the first period which skewed 5v5 xGF heavily in their favor (59.7%) but the two teams were practically level at even-strength and the Bruins pulled ahead (52.5%) in all situations.


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Jun 11, 2019
They are 14-1-2 vs current playoff teams and 7-3-1 against sub-500 teams.
it seems to require an otherworldly night from a goalie to stop them in those losses. And that type of goaltending is kind of unsustainable for any length of time. They’ve just run into those type of goalie games against sub 500 teams so far.