1. N

    What are your favorite baseball statistics?

    There's a lot of baseball statistics, and it's kinda hard to pick a favorite, or which one is the most reliable. I do have favorites though, like OPS+, TB (Total Bases), ERA+, WHIP, and WAR. What about you? What are your favorites?
  2. N

    Poll: Which of these four Red Sox teams was the best in terms of numbers and statistics?

    I don't know if polls like this are allowed here, but I wanted to give this a try. The four teams in question are the 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986 Red Sox teams, the ones that won the pennant but came up short in the World Series. In terms of "best", I mean the team with the best numbers (Batting...
  3. Imbricus

    A statistical analysis: Who were the best rookies?

    I thought this might be of interest, as we’re in the doldrums between the Celtics playoff elimination and the draft. I crunched the per 36 minute data in 10 categories to try to figure out, statistically, who were the best rookies among those drafted in 2016. My sample consisted of 14 players...