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    Bring back Guerin Austin to NESN

    Let’s get NESN to hire back Guerin Austin to be the Red Sox sideline reporter. NBC Sports Boston brought back Abby because of us. Let’s do the same for Guerin. Here is my link to the petition I made. Sign it and share it with everyone you know
  2. N

    What are your favorite baseball statistics?

    There's a lot of baseball statistics, and it's kinda hard to pick a favorite, or which one is the most reliable. I do have favorites though, like OPS+, TB (Total Bases), ERA+, WHIP, and WAR. What about you? What are your favorites?
  3. N

    Poll: Which of these four Red Sox teams was the best in terms of numbers and statistics?

    I don't know if polls like this are allowed here, but I wanted to give this a try. The four teams in question are the 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986 Red Sox teams, the ones that won the pennant but came up short in the World Series. In terms of "best", I mean the team with the best numbers (Batting...
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    Poll: Grade the Masataka Yoshida Signing

    I'm curious to see what SoSH thinks of the Masataka Yoshida signing, so I created this poll!
  5. jungleboy

    The World Series and Me

    I began watching the World Series in the middle of the night at age 11 in 1991, halfway around the globe from where the games were being played. I was a junior pitcher and infielder for the Pittwater Dolphins in my home town of Sydney, Australia, and my coach alerted me to the fact that...
  6. Imbricus

    Red Sox Power Outage

    I didn't see a thread that this observation fit into, so I figured I'd start a new one. Out of curiosity this morning, trying to figure out why this year's Red Sox have been so meh so far, I looked up some MLB team stats. At first I was curious where they stood in batting average; I thought...
  7. Snodgrass'Muff

    Which Starting Pitching Storylines Are You Most Looking Forward To?

    Part two of this series is up where abs breaks down the stories in the rotation. Which one is most interesting to you? David Price as the ace and his reverse splits? Clay Buchholz and his alternating between half a season of ace-like production and mediocrity? Which Rick Porcello are we...