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    Judge back to NY: 9 years/$360 million

    I can't get too worked up since I always expected he would come back. If anything, he's a known quantity in this division. The drama and media fallout of him leaving would have been entertaining for Red Sox fans, but briefly so, until the Yankees signed the next guy. Now which SOSHer gets to...
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    Not really apropos of anything, but I find it strange that there have been virtually no trades so far during these winter meetings. It's been all FA signings. I suppose that's an effect of waiting to see where the top players land and the big money goes, and then dealing from there, but I don't...
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    Red Sox sign P Chris Martin

    Seriously. His career walk totals are a column of single digits. I like the move both practically and philosophically. In a close game, late innings, throw strikes and don't give them free baserunners.
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    Red Sox Rumors

    View: Haniger certainly fills a position of need and you'd think he'd do well at Fenway. Just a matter of keeping him on the field.
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    Red Sox Rumors

    FWIW, Rosenthal had mentioned a FO source had said that Abreu was "intrigued by the possibility of playing for one of the two Florida teams." That rumor fed suspicion that he wanted to play close to Miami, where he has a house. Since neither MIA nor TB were likely to shell out, maybe Houston fit...
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    2023 Offseason Moves

    Narciso Crook is a beautiful comic-book name. A crook and a narcissist wrapped in one. Park has the makings of the guy who'll keep getting bounced off 40-man rosters all winter as teams try to sneak him through waivers. (Though he does have 2 options remaining.)
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    Joely Rodriguez signed to 1+1 Contract

    Chris Hatfield of SP notes that Rodriguez has just over 3 years of service time, so he’d still be under team control for a year even after the option year is picked up. Won’t be a FA until 2026.
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    Week 11 (Game 10!): Patriots host Jets

    I think he said "Mac Wilson," too.
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    If you have The Athletic, Rosenthal has an article here, but even he sounds perplexed. It seems to boil down to philosophical differences--e.g., size of the baseball ops staff, and Crane wanting to leave his fingerprints on a large part of the roster--along with Crane's refusal to extend Click...
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    First move for the Clickless and Powersless Astros is re-upping Rafael Montero for 3 years and $34.5 million. He is coming off an electric year but that is a lot of money for a career 4.02 FIP.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Hosmer could be an interesting trade chip to some other team if their original 1B plan blows out a knee or something in Spring Training. I doubt the NTC really holds things up if his choice is between a starting gig and a bench tutor role here.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Refsnyder back on what sounds like a major-league deal. It will be interesting to see what role he has next year. Part of a RF platoon? View:
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    Arroyo’s profile reminds me of Jed Lowrie—versatile with interesting power, but can’t stay on the field long enough to trust that you can use him as a starter. He’ll be 28 next year, so if there’s a higher ceiling to reach he’s running out of time to reach it, but he’d need to play to see if he...
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    Vlad, Jr

    Pedro & Vlad Sr. are still close friends, aren't they? May as well light the rumor candle now for when he's a free agent in ... three years and surely remembers everything he has said here.
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    Chris Sale opts in to remaining 2 years of contract

    Last year was bizarre but hardly the pattern of someone with a broken body. Even so, Sale is spent money, for all intents and purposes. You pencil him in the back end of the rotation and hope he can get enough repetition in to still string some quality starts together. Maybe avoid outdoor bike...