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    Red Sox acquire Adam Ottavino and RHP prospect Frank German from Yankees for PTBNL

    According to B-Ref, this was Babe Dahlgren, best known as the player who played first base the day that Lou Gehrig's streak ended.
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    20 best home runs in Red Sox history

    The Mariners’ bullpen was atrocious in those years, even as they won the division in ‘97, which was why the Red Sox were able to get them to give up Lowe and Varitek for Slocumb in July despite Slocumb having lost his confidence and having an ERA near 6 for Boston. That trade occurred on the...
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    Red Sox greatest Stolen Base

    Not the first takeaway, but I am amazed how the umpire remembers to call the pitch even with all the other movement in his view.
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    Baseball on Television

    I liked Walker. He hit 5 home runs in the playoffs that one year he was with the Sox. I was surprised they didn't keep him around, but his departure for the Cubs led to them getting Bellhorn the next year.
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    Red Sox Greatest Out/Putout

    That Valentin triple-play was the same game as Alex Rodriguez's major-league debut, and ended with one of the most amazing 1-2-3 ninth innings I have ever seen. View:
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    Starting at the 43:00 mark: View:
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    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    Spike Owen was my first "favorite" player, and I remember being devastated at age 13 when he was traded for John Dopson and Luis Rivera. I think what made it more painful was that it was harder to get news about other teams outside of box scores and Baseball Notes at the time. It's easier now to...
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    MLB’s sign-stealing controversy broadens: Sources say the Red Sox used video replay room illegally in 2018

    The 2017 Astros went 48-33 (.593) at home and 53-28 (.654) on the road.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2019

    Learned only today that former Sox catcher Walt McKeel passed away this past January at age 46. I remember his second ML game, against the White Sox, when he was brought in to catch Heathcliff Slocumb after the Red Sox tied the game in the top of the ninth, only to have Slocumb hit a batter and...
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    September 2015 game thread

    With his MLB debut last night, Mariners pitcher Tony Zych takes over as the alphabetically last player on MLB's all-time roster, usurping Dutch Zwilling:   The Mariners also had David Aardsma, the...
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    Who are you rooting for in October?

    Royals vs. Blue Jays ALCS Pirates vs. Mets NLCS   A rehash of the 1985 playoffs (KC-TOR, LAD-STL) isn't too far-fetched.
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    April 2015 Game Thread

    Iglesias 4 for 4 today. 6 for 7 to start the season.
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    The 9th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Matt Shoemaker
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    Your Red Sox Blind Spot

    I always tended to root for underdog-types: Spike Owen, George Kottaras, Brian Daubach. But to answer the question in this thread, I have to go with Bob Zupcic. Fun name to say, made some incredible catches in center field, and power that never translated to the majors other than a couple of...
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    Unusual plays

    Cardinals turn a 5-8 fielder's choice.