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    Following Former Yankees 2020

    It was his second start. In his first one he lost to the Blue Jays.
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    Following Former Yankees 2020

    Lowest ERA in MLB this year: Lance Lynn 0.49
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    Fabio Caruana to play for World Chess title

    The candidates tournament to select Carlsen’s next challenger is taking place in Yekaterinburg, Russia – 8 players with a double round robin of 14 rounds. After 2 round Caruana is in a 4-way tie for first place with 1.5/2. The big surprise is that China’s Liren Ding, who was expected to fight...
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    Wildest Innings of All Time

    The 12th inning of game 2 of the 1995 Mariners-Yankees ALDS. Some dramatic moments, and the first career playoff appearance for 2 Yankees (Pettitte had his earlier that game): Mariano Rivera finished the top half by striking out Jay Buhner (5th in MVP voting that year). He would throw 3 more...
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    2019-20 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    They also have Frazier. He even has some CF experience.
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    ALCS: NY vs. HOU

    Sabathia and Hicks are in, Voit (who’s in Houston) and Wade are out.
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    NY 40 man roster 2018-2019

    Luis Cessa shouldn't be in the discussion for the 2019 40 man roster, especially in an organization loaded with starting pitchers. He was bad in 2016, 2017, and 2018, failing both as a starter (3-11, 4.93 lifetime), and a reliever (4.37 ERA). And it's not like he's improving - In his last start...
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    NY Postseason Roster

    What have Loaisiga or Tarpley done to suggest they should be on any kind of postseason roster this year? They both have very little experience, and their numbers are poor. I'd rather have Sabathia, Tanaka, or even Gray if the game is in Oakland.
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    NY injury updates 2018

    Aaron Judge looking very good in BP, homering to all fields.
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    NY minor league prospect news (2018 edition)

    Abreu follows Garcia with his own mini no-hitter: 5 0 0 0 1 4. 62 pitches, 44 strikes.
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    NY minor league prospect news (2018 edition)

    After demolishing both eastern and western Gulf Coast League pitching, Estevan Florial was back in Tampa yesterday, and went 1 for 5 (single) with 2 strikeouts. The Yankee starter and winning pitcher in that game was Luis Rijo, born September 6, 1998. He went 6 6 2 2 0 3, throwing 63 strikes...
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    2017 Yankees Offseason Discussion

    Someone who'll get enough good prospects with him. Everyone is saying how deep and loaded the Yankee farm system is. Then why not use that depth to get rid of Ellsbury?
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    NY minor league prospect news (2017 edition)

    The AFL starts today. In addition to these six players, the Yankees also sent the above-mentioned Billy Mckinney, and two relatively unknown pitchers from Trenton: Cody Carroll, and Andrew Schwaab. All the Yankee prospects are playing for Scottsdale.
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    Pineda has partial UCL tear in his elbow

    Why is Cessa getting another chance to start? Were the Yankees that impressed by the 0-3, 5.90 numbers he posted in his previous starts this year, in which his maximum effort was 5 IP? If they don't want to rush Adams (and since when is 11 AAA starts 'rushing'?), fine, but why not use Dietrich...
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    Only God Can Judge Judge

    The home run derby curse/jinx is no more than a myth which is based almost solely on a few old cases like Bobby Abreu, and isn't supported by stats. If the Yankees would keep him from participating, it would be like telling him that they believe in some old urban legend more than in his talent...