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    Red Sox 2021 Season Predictions

    How many games will this team win? 86 Wins -Team leader in Wins? E-Rod with 14 -Team leader in Saves? Ottavino 23 -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Xander .311 -Team leader in HR? Devers 35 -Team leader in Steals? Verdugo 11 -Team leader in HBP? Devers -Alex Cora discipline handed...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk.1 vs Phins

    Cam OL inc. Onenwu JE11 Wino RBs
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    2019 Game Ball Thread: Wk. 16 vs Bills

    1. GOAT - Best he’s looked since the first third of the season. Money all night. 2. Guy - Major disruptor. Consistently in the middle of things. 3. Folk - Solid. I am officially no longer worried about FG or PAT. 4. Jules - Tough as nails. Clearly playing hurt in more than one way but...
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    The end of kids playing pickup baseball

    Like several others here I was a child of the 60s-70s. I grew up in Western Mass and some of my fondest memories are of days playing pick up baseball. We never had enough guys to play so we made do with however many showed up. Often it was 8 or 10 of us of different ages and abilities but we...
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    Who is the first Red Sox First Baseman you can remember?

    Add me to the Boomer list.
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    2017 Playoff Position Thread

    Add on the suspension of JJSS if it stands and Baltimore is looking like a much tougher win for Pittsburgh. Edit: because I’m a knucklehead.
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    Julian Edelman Watch: BurgerTyme Closed for Business

    Anytime you lose a player of Edelman's caliber it will have an impact. If nothing else it reduces depth as everyone steps up a slot. One player I have not heard discussed much is Dion Lewis. Seemingly blocked by the rise of James White and the addition of Rex Burkhead, this may be an...
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    Hayward to Boston...Really, We Mean It

    Yessssss...DA's plan coming together. Can't wait to see this play out!
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    Pats vs Texans: The buildup bad. Seemed like it was a "holy crap, we're about to get smoked" video.