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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    it sucks from a depth perspective but his play can be very uneven and I think he gets out of position quite often. I hope Busio gets the start.
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    Americans Abroad 2021-22: The Hype Train Is Leaving The Station

    It is right to assume Turner stays put through the WC next winter? With his two top competitors serving as backups, I don’t think he has much to worry about in order to stay the starter unless he made a move that went all wrong. A bit surprised City wanted to keep Steffan. I like him well...
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    2021/2022 Champions League: Not the Super League

    the rolling around by the Ajax player afterwards was something. I wish he would’ve gotten a yellow for that display.
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    USMNT: Hold My Beer

    I liked what Busio did too especially after a kinda poor summer. After seeing some good ideas but poor execution, it was great to see some perfectly weighted balls into space. Combine with him getting good minutes with his club, I hope he can play a bigger role next window.
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    2021 Boston College football

    Well in defense of his point, this is his second year there and the schedule was set before he came.
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    Week 5: Friday Afternoon Footy

    Has there been discussion by managers about the return of crowds and the impact of them? Perhaps due to crowd noise, Leeds isn’t able to communicate like they were last year?
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    Realignment 2021: UT, OU to SEC; UH, UCF, UC, BYU to Big 12

    I think a lot of the me schools are stuck. The only two schools with hope, I think, are West Virginia to the ACC and Kansas to the Big 10 but that’s tough actually seeing happen. 12 is a really crappy number for a conference. Should be 10 like before so everybody plays everybody.
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    Pay That Mendes His Money: The Summer 2021 Transfer Thread

    Does Kane have a lot of miles on him? By the time he made it to the regular first team with Spurs, he was relatively old for a prospect. According to transfer market, he’s played 31,000 minutes while Lukaku, who is two months older, has played 39,000 minutes. I know he plays a lot of minutes...
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    Realignment 2021: UT, OU to SEC; UH, UCF, UC, BYU to Big 12

    I think they should look to add West Virginia and say Cincinnati. You could split the football divisions into old acc (uva, unc, duke, wake, gt, ncst, Clemson, Florida state) into old big east (Pitt, BC, Syracuse, wvu, Louisville, vt, Miami, cincy). The divisions play each other (7 games) a...
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    The British Open- Royal St. George's

    I really didn’t understand why he kept pushing things after the US Open win. I get you have to continue to seek ways to improve but he was playing so well, why mess that much when something is so good.
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    Quick Poll: Extra Time or Straight to PKs?

    Another added benefit of that approach is it would be almost like a second halftime, which could give some players a little more recovery time before extra time.
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    2021 Copa América

    And he pointed to his watch at least twice. He should’ve let Brazil build that attack after wining the ball.
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    Euro 2020 FINAL: Is it coming home or going to Rome?

    Could Donnarumma done better on the Morata goal? I felt after backpedaling to his line, he didn’t charge down Morata really which basically left Morata plenty of time to pick a side.
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    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    I’m not sure how Spain is a better team than England. Spain is a nice team but is starting a center back who became eligible right before the tourney but was benched at City. A striker that’s constantly chided in this thread. I thought they were very fortunate to beat Switzerland. Meanwhile...
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    The Eurocup QF Thread: Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Vaarwel, Adeus, and...Goodbye to Croatia

    Moreno has had a few good chances but hasn’t caught the ball cleanly.