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    N’Keal is N’Gone

    Dude can’t catch a break. Not surprising because he can’t really catch anything.
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    RIP Bill Russell

    The moniker “GOAT” was invented for guys like him. RIP to a true champion.
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    Benintendi put those numbers up while making 650k, which might have made him the best bargain in the league that year.
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    Jarren Duran: Sunshine In His Eyes Can Make Us Cry

    He was just doing his research.
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    Golf equipment, WITB

    So my trusty long time pull cart gave out yesterday. Might be fixable but I doubt it. I'm looking at this as a replacement-any thoughts, good or bad, on this, or any other push/pull carts that you'd strongly recommend (good or bad). View...
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Almost to a moral certainty, although @Red(s)HawksFan does make a good point.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    I'm pretty sure they would have won at least one of those two with no contributions from either Price or Sale.
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    Mayfield to Carolina

    Any time you can get a 5th rounder (two years from now) for a QB you might end up needing, you have to take that deal.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    I know that the NBA is just loaded with outsized egos and Lebron (who has earned it) might have the biggest. But why do these guys think they can “fix” Kyrie? He’s always been this way. In Cleveland, they sucked before Lebron came back and no one cared, and once Lebron came back the spotlight...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

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    Celtics vs. Warriors, NBA Finals

    Jordan was in his seventh season, and he played 3 years at UNC, so that was his age 27 season. Next year will be Tatum's age 24 season. The 2006 Miami Heat Wade team is really interesting to me. Wade was probably the best player, but Shaq wasnt far behind. But that team was loaded with...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    TINSTATMS-There is no such thing as too much shooting (or, I suppose "too many shooters"). My first priority would be a reliable 3rd scorer and another shooter that you could play at least a little bit. This assumes reasonably good health for both Al and Rob. if they are banged up/worn down...
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    Coach K sliding door

    I remember when Pistons Coach Chuck Daly said this about Coach K joining the C's. A couple of years later K was an assistant with Daly coaching the Dream Team, and eventually took over Team USA, so he clearly put in the effort needed to deal with the pros.
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    Bruins Fire Cassidy

    Every time I read "Butch" I think of Butch Goring as Head Coach. Bad Times.