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    Ozil Quits German National team, Citing Racism

    Uli can climb down off his horse. He's a cheat and a thief who is in a position to criticize no one else's behavior. Bayern should never have allowed him back. And here's the response from Ozil's agent.
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    Somebody needs to be sent off for dissent, Geiger is giving way too much rope.
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    Why was that not a straight red for denial of goal scoring opportunity?
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    Day 10 GAME THREAD: Belgium, Mexico, Germany, oh my!

    Every time I've seen Boateng sent off it's been for extracurricular fisticuffs, so color me pleasantly surprised that this time he actually managed to get himself sent off for something that happened in the run of play.
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    World Cup Media Thread

    I don't know that I've ever heard more than one announcer in the booth for a German soccer broadcast. I've used a VPN to watch on ARD or ZDF for several World Cups now and it's always been like this. Same for Bundesliga. And, come to think of it, all the Olympics events I watched in February...
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    Day 8 GAME THREAD: Ozzy Man

    It has been hard to officiate, and I think he's made it harder on himself. Second half has been even worse.
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    Day 8 GAME THREAD: Ozzy Man

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    Day 8 GAME THREAD: Ozzy Man

    Never been a fan of Irmatov, and his inconsistent foul selection and bookings aren't helping my opinion.
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    Figure skating

    Not both, just Massot. Also Madison Hubbell and Nathan Chen. I always forget how weird these galas are. Fun, but weird.
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    Figure skating

    That was rubbish. Why do you stick a triple axel first thing in the program if you rarely do it properly and it throws everything else off?
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    Figure skating

    That was terrible.
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    Figure skating

    What a tremendous final that was. The top 8 were all fantastic.
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    Figure skating

    The online stream is OK. North Koreans skating in the upcoming group.
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    Figure skating

    I think diving has this slightly better figured out. The judges score the execution and then it's multiplied by the degree of difficulty. So if you do a 3.9 difficulty dive but you flop over on your back on entry and score 4's for execution, you fare worse than the guy that did the 3.5 dive well...
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    Brady just said he is protective of his kids but he would "certainly hate" for Reimer to get fired over this. WEEI senior VP has issued a statement of apology to TB and his daughter on behalf of the station...