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    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    Oh I'm pretty sure I agree with everything you've written here. I certainly don't think that MLB should ignore technological advances or do absolutely nothing to make the game better. My somewhat belabored point was that given the actual language of the definition of the strike zone, referring...
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    Robo strikezone: Not as simple as you think -- Baseball Prospectus

    I oscillate between this and no changes whatsoever. Yes, it makes sense that when we see on TV that a call was blatantly missed by the width of a few baseballs and the call leads the inning ending or perhaps a fundamentally different outcome in the game, that coaches should be able to challenge...
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    2022 COVID Impacts on the Team.

    True! That being said, I do think that ALL players will need a negative test to enter the US. Given that MLB no longer is regularly testing for Covid, I wonder if this requirement may catch a few symptomless players, as theoretically without a negative test, they will have to quarantine in Canada.
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    Bogaerts Does Not Seem Open to Moving off of SS

    True, but wouldn't other teams have the same reasons to hesitate to ink him for SS money when it's getting closer and closer 6:00pm on his SS career? As others have said, Bogaerts has every right to consider himself a shortstop and demand to be paid like one, but that being said his defensive...
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    Time-killing Challenge: HOF Peak Team v. the Bright Shiners Peak-ish Team

    Pete Rose? I know he's out of the Hall for "technical" reasons just like the steroids guys, and I think I saw earlier that Shoeless Joe was off the list, so perhaps Rose is just as easily disqualified. If he were eligible for the Bright Shiners, he could go at many different positions, and...
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    ROUND 1: Patriots shuffle off to Buffalo

    Granted I'm basing this off of a (perfectly reasonable) assumption, so little chance of this bearing out, but I somewhat hope it's a windy day. Yes, Allen theoretically has an advantage in the wind with his stronger arm, but a strong wind will mitigate that. Given Allen's reliance on his arm...
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    ERod to Tigers: 5 years/$77 million, opt out after Y2

    My immediate reaction to this would be "yes." I also think that one of the main reasons why we just don't pitchers entirely divided by pitch count is the 5IP for a win rule. How about this video-game type setup: If you figure that a game requires between 150-200 pitches to get through...
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    Matt Barnes Tested Positive For Covid-19

    This is certainly something that occurs with a decent degree of consistency. I went through Covid earlier this winter and as a teacher where I live, I was on an automatic 10 day sick leave. Once those 10 days were up and I had no symptoms for 48 hours, I could return, no PCR confirmation...
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    Cleveland Indians to become the Cleveland Guardians

    The Cleavers. Nice violent imagery to boot. In some seriousness, I wonder if names that are acceptable to use such as "warrior" or "brave" would be more acceptable? In the posted photo above of the protest in Cleveland, one of the signs says "people not mascots," so I wonder if just...
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    RIP Tommy Heinsohn

    This is horrible. I just hope they give him the announcing gig at the gates.
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    Manfred: 16-team postseason likely to stay as “an overwhelming majority” of owners endorsed the concept before COVID

    Somewhat tangential to this discussion is the American obsession with "playoffs." In most other countries, league play and any tournament or playoff is separate. I'm not saying that I support this, but at this point, with a 16-team playoff, you're essentially creating a tournament in which the...
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    Covid and MLB

    Of course this is way too early to have any real conclusion, but perhaps what we're seeing is similar to some of the contact tracing that has been going on in some places for a while. Covid transmission in an outdoor environment when contact is brief is probably rare. Meaning that sharing...
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    COVID-19 and the Red Sox

    Yes and what would the facility look like that would also allow for proper social-distancing for 30 players from 30 different teams plus the support staff? At that point you're not talking about a resort complex but a small city. I could see perhaps if you used all day for games, reminding us...
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    COVID-19 and the Red Sox

    I have to admit that the amount of posts in V&N is a bit daunting, but I will certainly look for a conversation where this information is relevant and add to the discussion. I really do agree with you about it all being a lack of will -- the talk of liberty and freedom as reasons to not wear a...