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    Bursting Your Bubble: the 2020-21 NBA Gambling Thread

    Can’t find any new injury news, so presumably the (strong?) possibility that Trae doesn’t play (or is ineffective and/or minutes limited) and the Bucks being at home.
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    Trae getting shot by another sniper. never met any contact he didn’t want to hyperbolize Edit: misspelled the name of he with the most punchable face in the league
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    2021 NBA Playoffs Gamethread

    combined hitting a scorching 25% on threes modern game can be hard to watch
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    6/1 at Brooklyn

    This is the way the game ends. This is the way the game ends. Not with a “BANG!!!” but some jumpers.
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    4/9 vs. MIN

    I really don’t enjoy this team.
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    4/9 vs. MIN

    Grant sucks at basketball.
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    March 31: Vs Dallas

    This Celtics squad is like OKC with KD, Harden, and Westbrook. We’ll look back at them and wonder why it never came together.
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    March 31: Vs Dallas

    We suck. Play Like Crap for Cade
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    2020-2021 NBA Game Thread

    Agree 100% — ended up listening more than watching. Perfect description (“explosion in a nail polish factory”). Even Crockett and Tubbs would be offended.
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    3/19 vs. Kings

    The offense is stagnant. I tire of seeing other teams move and cut and get open looks when the Celtics stand around and watch ISO bullshit. Yes, the team is young, but the entire philosophy is regressive and ineffective. This is the first time I’ve been this pissed with Brad. Such a waste.
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    1/27 Celtics @ Spurs

    Welp, turned it on up three, down 14 at the half. Son and I have a plus minus of -17
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    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics

    Best Treysmith shot of the season.
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    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics