Born in Pittsfield, MA, raised in the Berkshires, Sox fan since the '75 WS when my friends and I would re-enact Freddie Lynn slamming against the center-field wall and imitating the batting stances of Fisk, Yaz, Rice, and the Rooster. My favorite player was Denny Doyle.<br />
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I nearly caught a home run hit by Sam Horn into Fenway's right-field bleachers when he played for the Baltimore Orioles, which should give me some special status at this site. (*crickets*) Right? (It was also the first time Dewey returned to Fenway after signing with the Os.)<br />
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I've lived all over -- Seattle, Germany, Russia, San Francisco (where I held season tix) and Montana. Currently live in Erie, PA. Still a Sox fan, have evolved into a more rounded baseball fan, occasionally root for other teams, follow most AL action pretty closely, love following prospects, read Fangraphs and Baseball Prospectus regularly. Write about sports in the Erie area for a local alt-weekly. (Here's my piece on Tigers' prospect, Jacob Turner, who plays for the local AA affiliate.)
Mar 3, 1969 (Age: 55)
Erie, PA