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    Offseason Rumors/News

    So, when does Pop retire? No way he is on the sidelines this season, right?
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Kenny Atkinson "changed his mind" per Woj about joining the Hornets as their Head Coach and "decided to stay with the Warriors." What the heck? He was fired because of KD an Kyrie. What other position is out there he would be going for? Or does he really like being the number 3 on the Warriors...
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    recovering a hacked facebook account

    Has anyone been able to overcome this yet? My wife's facebook was hacked about four months ago. They changed all her info and we have no way to access it. And no one can help or even get a remote shot at fixing it. Two form authentication or some other more detailed password is a must now it...
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    Carry on my Hayward Son: Gordon to Charlotte for 4 years, $120M

    Would we rather have extended him at this same money? We missed out on getting anything back in return, but he probably would have stayed for that money too. Now we have the MLE to get our 6th man and heavy contributor. Lose/Lose/Lose all around. Same situation as Horford. I won't miss...
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    Celtics FA/Trade Rumors and News

    Is there roster break down thread? Roster spots, contracts and such? (Found it) I miss the days when I had time to do it! I also miss how it excited me, now I just look at all the inexperience on the roster and wonder how we can contend without experienced depth. Danny did great in getting the...
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    Celtics New Alternate Uniform---Yay or Nay?

    Enes' should sign his uni and send one to Kyrie to hang in his living room with vaulted ceilings.
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    Gordo-In or Out? Green or gone?

    They could have asked for more time to see how other things played out. If we trade Gordon to the Hawks into their cap space we get a trade exception, which would have allowed us to have traded for Kelly Oubre like the Warriors did. That is what made me the most upset when I saw it happed right...
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    NBA 20/21 season thread

    Man. That is just a gut punch to any fan of basketball. Klay is such a joy to watch. I literally watch him just move off ball and get open.
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    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    Why would the hawks trade anything for Gordon? I don't understand, what do they have to gain? Gordon wouldn't want them to give up assets to get him, why not just sign there?
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    Choose Your Own Adventure: Celtics 2020 Offseason

    Health is number one. Number two is Danny having a long heart to heart with Brad about holding people accountable, sticking up for his players to the refs, and some serious plans on how to adjust to in game play. Ending that conversation by saying "if this happens again next year, it won't be...
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    And maybe Bryant if filing the lawsuit along with the other families, or to be the first because she can afford it, of those who have passed who may not have millions of dollars coming in every year. In turn allowing those kids and families financial support in a time of need.
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    Mr. Chemistry

    NBPA Leadership This is like looking at a company's board, seeing Kyrie on it would make a fund manager dump all their shares....
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    Gordon Hayward 2020: I'm standing here in pieces and you're having delusions of grandeur!

    If he is to opt out and Danny decides to let him walk does he try to do a sign and trade to keep the money on the books to be able to give it to someone, if so, who would the targets possibly be? I doubt he would opt out and take a discount like we all wanted Al to take this year. He could play...
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    Mr. Chemistry

    I laugh every single time I see the name of this thread pop up. Jaylen and Jayson absolutely share with each other Kyrie quotes with each other. Like when parents tell each other something funny/crazy that their kid did. "Look, Kyrie shit himself again"
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    Woj: Love on the block

    In a shitty hypothetical situation where Gordon hints that he is leaving, then you pull the trigger on a Gordon/Love deal in a heartbeat, for basketball and/or cap reasons alone individually. But Gordon hasn't, he seems to fit in well, and to be happy. Danny/Brad need to back channel and get...