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    Maybe the Red Sox are good?

    I think it was Theo who said (I paraphrase), "You spend the first 2 months of the season seeing what you have, the next 2 seeing if you can fix it, and the last 2 hoping for the best." So far, all we can really say is, what we have is better than we thought.
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    Who is this Nathan Eovaldi and what did you do with the old Nathan Eovaldi?

    I saw the thread title and thought, "Isn't Eovaldi still who he's always been?" which in my mind is someone who can dominate against RH hitters (see 2018 ALDS). So I did some digging, and it turns out that in the last 2 years, he is sharply exceeding his performance vs. LHH. If you're looking...
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    Preparations for the Summer Olympics

    On CBC, this is what they have been doing with World Cup/FIS ski events. The casual viewer wouldn't notice. Edit- This was also the case with the Korean League baseball games that were being carried by ESPN last Spring.
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    World Juniors

    I haven't seen too much of the U.S., but if Canada plays their game I'm not sure they can be beaten. But, they haven't been tested yet, not like the U.S. was tonight. Canada has been so dominant, but no one has seen how they will hold up to the pressure of a tight game. One of the best things...
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    World Juniors

    The U.S. just Finlanded Finland.
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    Theo Epstein steps down as Cubs' Head of Baseball Ops

    A Jewish Nazi? Man, that's some deep cover...
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    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    I continue to believe that hiring Bobby V. wasn’t a bad thing, in fact was sort of required in that situation. It was clear that Tito had lost the reigns with some players, and there was a somewhat entitled attitude among some stars. It was time to clean house to a degree, and by hiring a strong...
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    Felger: Red Sox offered Mookie what he asked for, and were turned down

    Right! The complaints about those guys leaving seemed to get drowned out by the cheers for WS wins. I actually like the world where Theo Epstein gets to lead the Cubs to a championship, and we win another two World Series after he leaves. This is not a problem.
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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    +1 This is captures the visual excitement of Sox fans better than anything.
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    Rosenthal: Mookie and LAD in agreement: 12/$365

    Not my money either, but this would not be compatible with a competitive team in years 7-10. See Pujols, Albert. What happens if a significant economic downturn resets the luxury tax structure downward? Go Verdugo and Downs!
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    Least Favorite Red Sox Heroes

    David Price? I seem to recall him stepping up big time in the '18 playoffs. Yeah, he was grumpy, played too many video games, and tore Eck a new one (this may be a point in his favor), but we needed him. edit- I see now that the OP gives parameters, which includes heroic performances. I guess...
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    Ideal Realignment

    Nice work, good post!
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    Mookie was the hugely valuable asset. The Sox got 2 dimes and a nickel for a quarter, but they get to keep them all for the next several years. Maybe one of those dimes or nickels will come close to a quarter, we'll see.
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    I think what's unusual here, and part of what had me prepared for the eventual outcome, was that I'm not sure I EVER heard Mookie express a desire to return to the Sox once he was a free agent. Usually, home grown players will at least pay a little lip service to the idea that they'd like to...
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    2019-20 Offseason Discussion

    It seems there were 3 choices with Mookie: 1) Sign him for his asking price, and hope you're still excited to be paying him $35M/year for ages 35-38. 2) Let him play out the contract, and get a draft pick when you don't want to match whatever happens then. 3) What the Sox did, get some...