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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    Surprised this one's not up. The gold standard for excitement at Fenway! View:
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    Great Memories in Celtics History: Offseason viewing and re-viewing thread

    1962 ECF game 7. Sam with 2 seconds left. What a pretty shot. View:
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    F*** Jordan With Oakley's Walking Stick: The Best Celtics Shooting Guards

    Agree totally. And when you look at his 9-0 Game 7s he is off the charts. High of 47 ('63 vs Cinci) low 18, avg 27. And when he first came up Red thought of him more as a defensive player. When Sam and KC were on the bench Red would put them in as a tandem in the 2nd quarter and they'd stifle...
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    Game 6 1963 NBA Finals on now. Celtics-Lakers.

    Cracking a beer to celebrate Ring #6! I remember listening to this game on my transistor late at night. Numerous blocks by Russell. An unusual off game for Sam, but he hit a huge bucket from the key in the last minute. 4 clutch FTs by Tommy all with under a minute. He doesn't wait around at the...
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    Game 6 1963 NBA Finals on now. Celtics-Lakers.

    Not totally true. They did beat them in the '71 ECF only to be swept out by the Bucks in the finals.
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    Going with the original Monstah, Dick Radatz. "Crack me a cold one, Earl (Wilson), I'll be right there."
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    ...who formed half of the great presidential battery with Russ Nixon. Maybe there are others? I mean, what else we got to do?
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    Where did that come from? From Retrosheet I'm getting 16 AB - 12 Ks - 3 BB - 3 H - 1 HR
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    If only Zim had brought him in in the '78 playoff instead of Steamer who promptly gave up a double to Munson and HR to Jackson.
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    Post Your Favorite Johnny Most Lines Here

    Big T from Holy Cross (Heinsohn) Case (KC) Stosh (Kuberski) Siggy (Siegfried) Jumpin Gino (Conley)
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    Whose Departure From the Sox Devastated You Most?

    And, if it counts, no one leaving has bothered me in a long time more than Orsillo. It definitely counts. I'd say the departure of Ned Martin & Jim Woods in 1978 upset me more than any player leaving. It was so final. In one fell swoop our connection to daily baseball on the radio with these...
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    Happy Anniversary. Capt. Carl

    AND he threw out his first runner in the 2nd inn.
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    1975 World Series re-watch

    Okay call, but if you can find Ned Martin's it's much better.
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    Red Sox Greatest Hits

    Thank you, George Scott!