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    Rick Porcello, Mr. Met

    I voted for Rick in the Tommy John contest whenever I got the chance. I'm happy I never won it. One of my fond memories of him was (as a Tiger) how he acquitted himself when Youks charged the mound after a HBP. View:
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    MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred: ‘We Need To Make A Change To The Baseball’

    This. But how do you begin to find "the happy medium? Who doesn't remember a young pitcher bleeding all over his white pants from blisters? A young Justin Verlander comes to mind, for me. He made changes to compensate. Health issues in the population of pitchers must be really hard to track...
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    I remember it too, Rip. After that he was always surrounded and handled his celebrity with aplomb. Cathy handled it all with extreme grace. The tributes and memories posted here along with thoughts of Stiffy have consumed my afternoon. Time well spent. Cathy, you are in my heart! It was Bob's...
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    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    A J.D. Martinez dinger isn't at all surprising.
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    6/13 Vs Tex. Two in a row

    Sadly, this isn't the least bit surprising.
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    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    This network has no redeeming qualities.
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    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    Please be specific.
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    6/1 Let's beat the Yankees

    A certain network is supposed to be showing the game but I'm watching golf? WTF?
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    5/19 Sox Astros

    Just lost the game on NESN / Spectrum Cable
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    5/18 Astros

    Jeebus you don't see that fuckup every day.
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    5/18 Astros

    Update: cat no longer purring.
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    5/18 Astros

    I have a purring cat in my lap. I'm not upset.
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    May 12 Seattle at Fenway Part 3 "Mother's Day"

    Oh my that went very far!
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    May 11 Seattle at Fenway Part 2

    I'm relieved. I have been worried about him after the hopping he did on the almost-HR-except-for-JBJ. Because worry is what I do.
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    Day Baseball Today

    I wouldn't tell you if there were.