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    Most exciting plays in Red Sox history (for the Casual Fan)

    Victorino's double in game 6 of the 2013 WS View:
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    JBJ would be foolish to turn down a $17.8 mil QO. I wouldnt extend JBJ a contract that much for 1 year. That money can be better spent on pitching.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Doh, good point.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Springer will get overpaid, and I hope its not us. I would rather re-sign JBJ as a eventual platoon with Duran. Ozuna is on the board, but I would expect the Braves re-sign him. Heck, we might not even make the playoffs unless we pick up some recent arms. Everyone will be going after Trevor...
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    Free Zoom session tonight (Mon 9/14) on the Red Sox and WWII

    cool! I'll check that out. thanks!
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    Makin the big moves.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    LOL didn't see that coming. Looks like JBJ is hear to stay.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    Hard pass. Even with 1 leg, Pedroia is a better option.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    3 hours to go til the deadline. If they trade JBJ, can Pillar reasonably fill the hole in center?
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    MLB Trade Deadline 2020 Thread

    Alot of decent prospects the Indians picked up. Quantrill is pitching pretty good so far to, so that helps.
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    Red Sox Trade Deadline Thread

    As a guy that lives in twins territory, there is no way that is happening. Lewis is at least 3 years out, Polanco is a steal for the production they get out of him and is signed for 4 more years at 5mil/year. On the Sox side, I highly doubt Chaim would be willing to trade off a 3rd core player...
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    Foulke for 2004 hands down. There are some good closers we've had over the years, but Foulke willed himself to literally save the Sox. If you needed an arm, Tito always picked Foulke. Sure he doesnt have the career numbers of Eckersley, or Rivera but without him in '04 the Sox would have...
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    Joe Posnanski's top 100 Baseball Players of All Time

    Ruth's offensive numbers are so huge they're almost cartoon-ish. I can't imagine him not being #1.
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    MLB sends memo to teams laying out new steps to curb intentional HBP’s

    So you're telling me Manfred is giving the Astro's another pass? Whats next, give them automatically 2 free runs before the game starts? Or maybe pull all the defensive players, and just make it a pitcher/hitter duel. If you get a hit, you win the game!