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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    I'm not sure they wouldnt be better with Covington and saric than butler. Covington would be happier in that role and much cheaper, keep Harris and add pieces with some space. However as others have said Covington has not shown up in the big games and the clutch, and Jimmy has a different...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    Only 30 mins in two games but the starting 5 is 121.4 offensive rating 98.6 defensive 22.9 net Holy shit, vs Lakers and nuggets
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    Celtics in 18-19

    I mean the arm extends following the guy going down, that's textbook what ref look for. More concerning would be Kyrie is wide open at 3 and asking for it, Al is asking for it too. I haven't watched them THAT much but sheesh that's the antithesis of last season. Several people have also said...
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    2018 NBA Game Thread

    The sixers can get so big, I think at one point the lineup had the smallest guy as Ennis at 6'7" Tobias really makes a difference with the spacing and his switchability was really on show in the clutch. The bench is still an issue, but there are NBA players at least
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    The Lakers Reality Show

    This is well put. He moves there for non basketball reasons as much as anything else. He is making all these shows now etc. I trust LeBron or the front office, and I wouldn't if I was a Lakers fan, with much. The players they signed, whoever made the decision, were dumb. They overplayed their...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    I wish we really knew this with such certainty. Not least that the Lakers could well have taken Fultz if he had taken Tatum first. We will never know, but that is a good point. Sac being ok this year has changed the downside a meaningful amount. Maybe it would have been Ball instead and that...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    I think this wildly underestimates Harris but yeah. I can only think that the butler and Harris holds help too. If one leaves they can have max space while holding the other. Given Harris is 26 he's much closer in age to Simmons and embiid. Man this is very crazy. As for how different this...
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    NBA Trade Deadline Game Thread

    Yeah Colangelo was such a complete fucking disaster. But they move on and I think the plan is to resign butler and Harris and JJ and build depth around those guys and Ben and Embiid. Fultz was going to be very expensive to keep in that situation. But what a fricking disaster. Screw Colangelo...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    I mean both woj and Lowe said that before you lol. The makeover in the sixers squad has been RAPID Where we stand at the moment... PG: B. Simmons - TJ SG: JJ - J. Simmons - Zhaire SF: Butler - Ennis - Korkmaz PF: Harris - Scott - Bolden C: Embiid - Boban - Amir - Patton They should be...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    Honestly I just haven't seen enough of Harris play. The numbers say he's become such a better player, and a ridiculously good shooter. I mean he averages over 50 from each corner 3. I just still think of him too much as the blah Detroit guy I think. He's improved a lot As for the price, if...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    It seems a monster overpay to me tbh. Useful cheap rookie, don't care about chandler or Muscala much, a first, two seconds AND the Miami 2021 first (which not adding top 3 protection to is criminal) For 3 expiring guys. Ugh The plan seems clearly to keep everyone from here. They can pay...
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    Sixers thread: now with expectations

    I looked up the giannis Simmons comparison today to answer some muppet who was quoting the lazy narrative that giannis gets the line and Ben is timid do to the fear of his poor free throws. I was a bit surprised to see that they had nearly identical career ftr (Simmons this year vs giannis...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    What's the better package than a load of young players, picks and dumping bad contracts? I mean the offers the Celtics fans have been talking about focus around brown. The Celtics have a better piece than any Lakers in Tatum, but it's unclear they will lead with that. The Celtics have better...
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    Tatum for Davis Poll

    I think Tatum is the guy no one can compete with. Trump card. If he won't stay though I'd probably do a brown package as best offer.