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    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Though not traditional, wasnt Tysons uppercut his counter to guys that tied him up?
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    Toddler skates

    5 year old and 3 year old right now. The 5 year old has been using the same pair of adjustables for three years. Not the LL bean ones, we got these Lake Placid ones. Theyve been great, they're cheap, and we have no complaints. The 3 year old is in his first season with the bauer's listed above...
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    Daniel Theis: More beast per-pound

    That may be fair. I was half asleep, but the start of the 4th quarter was odd. By memory, I think, like, 6 of the first 7 defensive possessions ended with a whistle. Some were earned, some werent. Conversely, Tatum was swallowed up a few times in that same period and seemed to get a decent...
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    Daniel Theis: More beast per-pound

    Dude played mean last night. And he had to. Lots of whistles for the Twolves, not so many for us. If the Cs were going to win, the team was going to have to fight through contact. Tatum struggled without getting calls, Theis and Hayward thrived. Great, great game by Theis last night.
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    2020 TB12: What Does 2020 Hold for 12?

    Yeah, I'm not buying it. The one place in this country that wont come out in droves to see a semi-washed up star is LA. Theres enough to do and enough star power in LA that "42 year old Tom Brady" wont be moving the needle for LA fans.
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    Alex Verdugo, new Red Sox star!

    This thread is a good barometer of peoples actual outrage vs faux outrage. If he ends up a good baseball player, how many of the indignant posters will celebrate his homeruns or big hits? Let's all hope he sucks, for morality sake.
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    Who you got?

    Game 7. Both in their prime: Chara or Bourque?
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Dont worry. We dont all ignore brilliant art. High five.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    You’re all the worst. Or the best. It’s hard for me to tell through the veil of entertainment that is this thread.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    View: That date, though.
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    Kobe Killed in Helicopter Crash

    I was gonna make a "kobe adultery" joke when people were asking if his wife was on board, but even I thought it was tactless. Respect. Horrible for his poor kids and family.
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    UFC 2020

    For some reason I thought the UFC had more pull in what matches were to happen an when. It's what kept them from having guys fight cream puffs to retain their title, like boxing. Am I wrong?
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    UFC 2020

    On purpose, I'm sure. Dana knows people will buy this card regardless of the undercard. Save the better fights for an event with a less desirable headline.
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    Congressman Bobby Rush has requested a Congressional oversight hearing on the Astros' cheating and MLB's response.

    This makes a lot of sense. At the current stage of human history, this is the best use for our Congress' time, quite clearly.
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    AB Watch II: Quarantonio Brown

    Ive noticed that to be true for at least 90% of uniformed AB pictures I've seen. Wonder why.