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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Is it possible for Beal to sign and trade now? I mean, if he signed with the wizards with a base contract of 17 million could they flip that to the Cs (in exchange for a pick presumably) and gave him slot into the TPE? It’s a lot better than the MLE and the Cs could give him a long-term deal...
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    How Do You Root For the Sox?

    After last night it’s going to be hard to ever root for Houck again. This new crazy, post-Trump, post- social media world leaves me infuriated too often as it is, so it would at least be nice if it didn’t have to infringe on the mindless escapism that baseball usually provides. I mean, Jesus...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Yeah, Warren is an interesting case, and if the Cs medical team thinks he’s got a good chance of a full comeback (he apparently was cleared to play 14 games before the end of the season but chose to sit since there was nothing left to play for) he could be a huge pickup for the MLE. He’s 6ft 8’...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer Wall’s signing with the Clippers is going to potentially open up some trade (for Kennard or Powell) free agency options (for Batum) for the Cs.
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    Kyrie is hurt and we have schadenfreude

    View: So beyond the narcissistic nonsense at the beginning of this tweet, what the heck does any of this really mean? How...
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    JD Davison, 2nd round pick

    This is a pretty amazing clip. Saw one site that called Davison’s athleticism “breathtaking”, and I think this shows what they mean. I mean, Jesus, Davison is apparently Pritchard’s height and yet is somehow able to just explode over the other team’s 7ft 1 inch center (who just happens to be the...
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    JD Davison, 2nd round pick

    You can't teach - and can't easily find- Davison's level of athleticism. The dream is that his talent blooms and he becomes a taller version of Terry Rozier, another impressive athlete that despite being a top 100 recruit out of high school (Terry ranked #75 in his high school class while...
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    What's the point? Celtics guard gap and offseason options.

    The difference between Kemba and Beal is one is a smurf and the other has a similar height and build to Smart.
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    C's pick Aaron Nesmith #14 overall

    The weird part is his biggest weakness in the NBA (shooting) was his biggest strength in college. Maybe I’m missing something, but I never thought he looked overmatched when he’s on the court. Wouldn’t he be a viable rotation player if he could shoot above 35% from 3? Further, it seems like the...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    The big problem with a Horford for Beal trade is the dramatic effect on the defense that would have. Al is still one of the better defensive players in the league and Beal is generally seen as one of the worst. This would also make the team much shorter, as - presumably- this would shift Tatum...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Smart and White have pretty similar salaries, so it would seem like anything that would work with Smart might also work with White. But it is it really possible to pull off a Beal trade without dealing Horford? Beal would be signing a very lucrative contract...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    I don’t think anyone is looking to free up space to get him on a max contract, but Connaughton’s shooting, size at his position and postseason experience feel like a great match. We definitely could have used someone like him on our bench against Golden State. But yeah, it would need to be for...
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Yeah, I guess the big question is how much the Cs could pay for Connaughton and whether or not that would be enough to get the deal done. Anyone have any sense how much he might command on the market and how much the Cs could even offer?
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Pat Connaughton would be an interesting pick up. He has an option year on his contract, but it is a good bet he won’t pick that up. So it's looking like he'll be a free agent, and - considering his size, skillset and hometown - he looks like he might be a good match for the Cs.
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    6/13 Finals Game 5 @ GSW

    We just stopped playing defense