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    1/15 - Magic @ Celtics

    Right foot on the line. He had a nice follow through. I liked the drive and dunk better.
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    "Advanced" stats for youth hockey?

    Or talk to the coaches and see what they want him to work on and how you can reinforce that and what you can look for to show him where they see his need to improve. As long as the coaches are open to it this would help keep him working on what will get him more ice time and keep everyone...
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    Kirk and Callahan: Done

    I understand that Callahan is a columnist and his job is to express his opinion and get a reaction. In fact I don't read him because I rarely if ever agree with his opinion and have grown tired of his act (re: WEEI). However, it took me a whole 5 seconds to google Manny Ramirez charity to find...