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    2023-24 Celtics

    Rough night for the Celtics' social media admin: View:
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    63-34 rebounds overall, in favor of the Bulls. Absolutely nuts.
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    Late in the 3rd, Minnesota is tied with... Memphis?! And Cleveland is only up 2 on Chicago. Could be some fun finishes. edit: Lamar Stevens with a transition dunk - Memphis announcers are already on a first name basis with him. Without Ja they're pretty easy to root for.
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    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top

    I mean, do you think that's less true for other MVP contenders? i.e., that Jokic or SGA or whoever couldn't score a few more PPG if they really decided to, to the exclusion of "making the right play" and optimizing the team's offense? I feel like every star, more or less, is compromising their...
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    Non-revenue college sports thread

    Because this guy deserves mention, somewhere... View:
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    Push The Doors Open: The Women’s Game, post-World Cup ‘23

    So following up on the blog post I put together on the club-revenue side of the women's game, I wrote another one, this time on the finances of women's football from the players' perspective: who gets paid, how much, how that's changed over time. What leagues are fully- vs partly-professional...
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    Peter King Retires*

    So the Owl Corey Lidle'd himself? How fitting. As for Peter King: The day of centralized. homogeneous NFL commentary has passed into history, with everyone from Paul Zimmerman to Gregg Easterbrook finding either a lack of passion or lack of market for their services. Gone are the talents once...
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    Jaylen Brown: Will he be enough in Year 8?

    As much as I've rolled my eyes at every single time he's lost the ball by dribbling into traffic, even I have to admit that it's a lot less frequent this year. His overall turnovers per game are down from 2.9 to 2.4, I could do the math on "lost ball" turnovers but either way he's made improvements.
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    Jaylen Brown: Will he be enough in Year 8?

    Hart and DiVincenzo were really attacking his dribble on his drives, they almost turned him over once but couldn't quite get it done. He passed out of it a few times when the swipes got too much. Very good game last night from him.
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    Didn't Derrick White more or less lead that category last year? fake edit: nope, he only had 13 last year, tied with Draymond and DeRozan. But two years ago, he was only 1 off the league lead, with 25 (and in the playoffs, the leaderboard went (1) Smart, 8; (2) Brunson, 6; (3) White, 5)...
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    Court enjoins NCAA rules, allows booster groups to pay recruits

    Hasn't it been dragging out since NCAA v Board of Regents in 1984? That's when they lost the previously claimed ability to dictate TV contracts. They hang on like grim death.
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    2023-2024 General NBA Season Thread

    I may have to revise my assessment of Kevin Durant as being thin-skinned...
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    Court enjoins NCAA rules, allows booster groups to pay recruits

    Oregon (Phil Knight) and Oklahoma State (T. Boone Pickens, though he died in 2019 so he's probably not writing any more checks) immediately come to mind. I'm sure there are enough others to occasionally make it interesting. Billionaires can't easily get into and out of owning a professional...
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    2024 CONMEBOL Copa America tournament

    I was a USSF insider but I think I let that lapse, so would love a link too please