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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    You know who else we didn't trade, who has shown some ability to give Anthony Davis trouble? This guy.
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    Challenging los Chilenos: Copa America 2019

    I was confused at first too. I only tuned in for the second half, caught the first two goals, dozed off for a bit, and woke up when they subbed Everton on. Watched him for a few minutes, including his absolute rocket of a golazo. That ball was still rising as it hit the inside of the side...
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    the fact that there is a general atmosphere of bullshit that the assholes find attractive can also reinforce the clicks and interactions with non-bullshit content, too. They're not segregated (ha!). If I'm laundering money through my restaurant for criminal gangs and get busted, I don't get to...
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    Women's World Cup 2019

    And the central defender closer to the crosser watched the ball go over her leg. She had a chance to knock that one clear, too. Can't fault their D. It's something of a relief to know that the Italian women are just as big divers and whiners as the men are.
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    As someone said a few pages ago, Danny could probably come up with ten ways to do so that don't include Marcus Smart. Starting with an S&T of Rozier and/or Morris. There was an extended discussion of the value that either of them would bring to that roster, even at prices slightly above their...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    These days I can buy 5000 followers for like $100. Hell I can probably find that on Fiverr.
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    La Liga 2018-19: The Next Generation

    La Liga just got a big fine from regulators for spying on its app users, using microphones and Shazam-like technology to pick up on which bars were illegally streaming games. In monetary terms it's a slap on the wrist but in the broader sense it's a wake-up call about apps intentionally...
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    Offseason Thread - Betty when you call me, you can call me Al

    Lot of narratives turning over tonight...
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    The 2nd Season - 2019 Playoff Thread

    Unless you count the ref review at the end of SB 51. Good thing they didn't have to clear the field to kick the PAT.
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    Women's World Cup 2019

    You'd think some countries would pay a full-ride tuition to anyone that could get a goalkeeper job on an NCAA Division 1 program. they'd get better competition and better coaching than all but, as you say, the US and European women's club scene. aren't there a ton of players in this WWC who...
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    Question about hacking

    it's also possible that the email address you're seeing was spoofed but under the hood it's being routed to a very different address from which they are actually sending and receiving mail. That's not always readily obvious from the headers, but your IT guy could look at the headers and...
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    Pats file tampering charges against Texans

    This is wonderfully phrased.
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    Women's World Cup 2019

    Read the lindsey horan article in the first few posts of this thread. Also, I thought Brazil-Australia was the match of the tournament so far, in terms of teams playing with not just skill but cohesion. Here are the highlights - the second Australia goal was a brilliant dummy by the striker...
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    Anthony Davis: No Loyalty

    The stories about the after-season party the Thunder had that ended with George deciding to re-sign sounded like something out of Can't Hardly Wait or Almost Famous. Like, they had a retreat in the woods and cult-ish things were done and said, god knows what was smoked, and the only thing we're...