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    Bill Simmons: Valuing Trades More Than Friendships

    Why was the kid smashing a TV? Was it intentional?
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    2019 PGA Tour

    So were they carrying around the #82 flag and pins to each tournament Tiger played after the Masters?
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    What's Going On at Sports Illustrated??

    I bought the issue that came out after Tiger won the Masters. It was a classic SI cover, no words, just a terrific photo of him after the last putt dropped. Don't remember who wrote the article, probably Michael Bamberger, but it was good. It was the first print magazine I'd bought in a long...
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    2019 PGA Tour

    The Boy from Bratislava on 59 watch at the Wyndham, with a nation's Olympic dreams on his shoulders.
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    72 Suburbs in Search of a City: Anthony Davis to Los Angeles Lakers

    Local man faced with offer to spend more time with Drake, flees country
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    Rethinking Barstool?

    The clash of two titans who built their empires on the most absolute, lowest common denominator, clickbait trash content possible, designed to be circulated on facebook by the dull cousin you muted 10 years ago. The "Doctors Hate this One Weird Trick!" Bowl.
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    The Tiger Thread

    If he has misses like he did on 11 and 14 at Augusta at a US Open, he's not converting those into birdies and pars, he'll be dead. The US Open is the major he's least likely to win again.
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    The Tiger Thread

    I think he'll get to #1 and relatively soon, because the vast majority of the events he plays now are the ones that give out the most world ranking points - majors, Players, WGC's, and the playoff events.* He's exempt for life for three of the four majors, and for all practical purposes will be...
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    2019 Masters

    And his playing partner in the final round was Lee Westwood making his Masters debut. I think if you watch the broadcast you get a glimpse of young Westy for about 1 whole second.
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    2019 PGA Tour

    Definitely the best golfer to be banned by the Asian Tour for cheating.
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    2019 PGA Tour

    The players. But they kind of complain about everything.
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    2019 PGA Tour

    Cantlay started leaking oil some the last couple of holes, but it wasn't like he collapsed. Tiger just went nuclear. Goodness.
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    2019 PGA Tour

    Kinda weird that he's been dealing with this neck strain for "a few weeks" but played in Mexico. Oh well, nothing to see here I'm sure. Tiger and Steiny have been nothing but transparent and candor-ious? when it comes to injuries.
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    Murray... Present (in the NFL)

    Oakland knew the risks and looks terrible here. This is hardly scientific, but I just looked through a few mock drafts from June (CBS,, Fangraphs) and none of them projected Murray as a first-round pick. The uncertainty about which sport he'd play probably had a lot to do with that...
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    The Lakers Reality Show

    Yeah I’m not sure how much credit the front office gets for “LeBron said he was going to sign with you and you didn’t say no.”