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    2022 Broncos: Hackett and Wilson just like oil and water

    Thanks J-man. Those college mags bring back lots of memories. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Street & Smith each year. But the memories they bring out aren’t all good. Andy Katzenmoyer. A tackling machine in college who, somehow, forgot how to do it when he got to the Pats.
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    CFB Coaching Carousel

    Thanks for the update.
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    CFB Coaching Carousel

    How does the Rhule signing by Nebraska affect his existing contractual payments from the Panthers? Does he double-dip for a pantload of cash or is there offset language in his NFL contract? I understand there usually is some offset in NCAA to NCAA and/or NFL to NFL, but am curious about NFL to...
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    Jason Varitek remains with the organization on a 3-year contract

    The managerial heir apparent. Given that I'm not a Cora fan -- this is very good news.
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    Chris Sale opts in to remaining 2 years of contract

    At this point for me, anything Sale brings to the table needs to be considered a bonus. He shouldn’t be factored as a significant contributor.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    This potential rotation doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies. First three starters are more-than-average injury risks. I hope whatever Chaim puts together is better.
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    Only God Can Judge Judge

    Sox fan here (just a disclaimer). I was listening to a radio show over the weekend where the interview was with the long-time announcer for the Cape Cod summer league. He noted how Judge, when he played there, was not the power guy he is today. He had a long swing and didn't hit may HRs...
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    When The Patriots Were The Punch Line - Alternative Title: Be Grateful, You Have No Frigging Idea How Bad They Once Were

    What year was it when Will McDonough punched out Clayborn in the locker room ? That was something you don’t see often but (occasionally) wish on various media members.
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    Best Red Sox defensive CF

    1. Lynn 2. Bradley 3. Coco 4. Reggie 5. Lewis Only voting for players I actually watched.
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    Red Sox youth

    Freddie Lynn was a JBJ defense equivalent in CF and miles ahead of him in hitting/ offensive production.
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    Trevor Story - Second Base or Short Stop???

    I thought, from reading various sources at the time of the Story signing, that his days at SS were over. His elbow/arm was damaged and having him play 2B was always the plan. The fact he hasn't seen any time there this season should be a hint. His bat needs to be in the lineup every day. He...
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    Peter Abe: Offseason 23 Bloom or Cora Could Be Gone?

    What's Cora's contract status? Is he signed up through 2023 or beyond?
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    Xander's pending post-opt-out free agency

    You don’t think this happens with pending free agents? I certainly do. In terms of St. Louis, I read something about possible landing spots and the Cardinals seemed like a high potential.
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    Xander's pending post-opt-out free agency

    And that confidence is being influenced by Boras based on his “conversations” with other teams and their interest. Like St. Louis.