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    Alex Verdugo - on-field discussion thread

    I don't believe real hamstring problems go away in a day or two. If truly the reason for his recent slide, he might do better with a short 10-day DL stint.
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    Christian Arroyo

    I see what he's doing/not doing in Worcester. It was a weak attempt at sarcasm. I'll practice more before I try again.
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    Christian Arroyo

    As already stated, some criticism is actually warranted. Playing a new position for 1st time, making a move that was not necessary and would have been played differently by a seasoned player at that position, etc. Outside of first base, the full stretch is not used by other infielders. A...
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    Christian Arroyo

    I just learned that both Arroyo and Renfroe were 1st round selections from the 2013 draft.
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    Houck up

    I don’t get the “consider the source”. I think Eck is pretty open about his views of Sox pitchers, good or bad.
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    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Jose Offerman. The best 2Bman I saw going back into short RF on pop ups. For the Sox anyway.
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    Bruins extend Brandon Carlo - 6-years $4.1 mil AAV

    Later in the season, Cassidy leaned on Carlo to get more involved in the offense. He seemed to be doing just that until he got injured.
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    Bruins Offseason Thread

    Sounds like a wonderful environment. The HC on thin ice and his potential successor hired as an assistant.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    Sille Skrub nailed it, in my opinion. The entry following his is exhibit A.
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    Minor league thread 2021

    Why not? The Sox will protect the number in honor of David Price?
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    Bruins Round 2 Thread- New York Islanders

    And the B's need to make it a little uncomfortable for Bazal. He pretty much goes where he wants without any risk.
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    Vrabel and Julio Down by the Schoolyard: Titans Get Jones

    I've always been a Julio Jones fan, starting the first time I saw him at Alabama. Big, fast, great hands, and blocks downfield. Outside of his age and mileage, which have been discussed, here are my two concerns with bringing him onboard. 1. The cost to the Pats and what it does to their cap...
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    Minor league thread 2021

    I caught some of the 6th/7th innings --- park looks really interesting. When I see Durran hitting a homer on the highlights I see a slightly bigger Ellsbury.
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    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade

    He has been hitting pretty well the past week or so. Not a pretty picture for Sox fans when Franchy is really struggling and may be heading to Worcester for a stint. If this was a 1:1 trade there would be more noise. But it wasn’t, so the jury will be out for some time.
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    The AAA Sox Stadium Thread: Where Ever They May Roam

    I get the Worcester hate from the Pawtucket fans, but my understanding is the stadium is the most expensive minor league field in the country and is on schedule. I saw the roster yesterday and am looking forward to seeing Durran play while sipping some excellent beer from Greater Good.