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    Ongoing Manager Search 2020

    It is my understanding that Cora was not supposed to talk to anyone prior to the end of the WS. It just ended. If the Sox were to hire him too soon, it would really seem that they had, in fact, been talking prior to the conclusion of the WS. After what Cora has just been through with the...
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    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Safe distances are impossible. What about the home plate umpire, catcher, and batter? Are they 6 feet apart? Or will they wear masks as they play, and hope they don't get knocked off. A close play at 1st base or home plate? I am skeptical. The only way is to treat the teams as one big...
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    Best Red Sox Closer: Nominees

    While I loved Koji, will always remember Foulke for what he represents for the Sox, I am old enough to have vivid memories of "the Monstah" Dick Radatz whom i watched in my early teens. He pitched for a very mediocre club but when he came in during his dominant years he was lights out and, for...
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    I agree that the words "Goodell" and "precedent" probably should not be used in the same sentence. But others will see it as such and there is the risk of more and more of these types of things, some maybe based on real events but many bogus for revenge or gambling manipulation. Goodell has...
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    [LOCKED] 2019 AB Watch: Non-legal Views Only

    Suspending him for PR purposes is really a doubled edged sword. No one argues that if there is hard evidence of wrongdoing (rape or otherwise), there should be consequences appropriate to the scope of his actions. But suspending him without conclusive proof while there is a potential that this...
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    Changes to Fenway (eliminating 450 Bleacher Seats)

    I wonder if anyone has done a study of how the structure will affect the wind patterns that go through the park. It could impact the number of homeruns, how fly balls behave, and other potential on-field issues.
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    OK other then 2004 what was the sweetest pennant?

    Breaking the rules again, I still have to think back to 1967 as being special. (I doubt there are many SOSH participants that remember 1946.) I was aware of the Red Sox since late 50s, and in that lifetime knew them as only perennial losers, with the exception of Ted Williams for part of that...
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    Rebirth of a Sale, man

    For those of us who bought furniture at Jordan’s last spring with an estimation of our chances of getting it for free, this certainly could be a costly event.
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    SBLII: The Brady Watch

    I see a HIPAA violation here is someone providing direct care is talking like that to someone's Mom! I love inside information, but not by way of unauthorized blabbing by direct healthcare providers.
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    This Year's ESPN Hit Piece

    ...and we all know that those who work for BB are very good at "not saying" with regularity and great skill!
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    Shank aka CHB calls out David Price calling out Eck

    To the points made recently, unless I am missing something, we really do not actually know what Eck intended by saying "Yuck." He is not talking. It seemingly was an exclamation, uttered, clearly, without much thought, and apparently a response to hearing of a bad performance by ERod. Very...
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    NFL Network: Gronk punctured lung

    Particularly with the high-altitude and stress on his respiratory system.
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    Porcello wins the Cy Young

    Is this something like losing the popular vote but winning in the electoral college??
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    The off-season

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    Day Baseball Alert

    Makes vacation week!