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    4/27 vs OKC

    I thought they were resting Tatum tonight...
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    In the minors, a major change as the Atlantic League plans to move the mound back a foot

    How does moving the mound cut down in home runs? The batter gets to see the ball for a longer time. Pitchers also need to compensate by throwing the ball higher so it still breaks crossing the plate. The entire stupid concept is to increase hitting, so how does that decrease hard hit balls or...
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    J.D. Martinez: Hips Don't Lie

    Stats that are tied to the first x games of the season tell us nothing. 20 at bats in April are no more relevant than 20 in July. We all understand that being hot when leader boards and averages are whacky is fun - but, while it's better to be doing great at season's start than spending the next...
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    4/6- 7:10 PM ET vs TB: One Good Turn

    No. Let's just do points. Every strike is -1 and every ball is +1. A base hit is 3x the number of bases and it's played until each team gets 3 outs. Then ice cream is handed out to a runner on 1st. A pastrami sandwich at 2nd. A beer at 3rd and 2 shots of whiskey and a joint for everyone who...
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    4/5- 7:10 PM ET vs TB: The Appointed Hour

    The one playing shortstop
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    Rafael Devers- Thoughts heading into 2021

    Is anyone besides myself surprised that the concept of Devers moving to 1B and Dalbec back to 3rd was never discussed? Is it a frail ego thing? It just seemed to make sense (not that learning how to play 1st is a piece of cake)
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    Daniel Theis to Chicago for Mo Wagner

    Wagner's ~80% FT is a possible work-around for Hack-a-Williams (62%) and Hack-a-Thompson (60%) in the appropriate late game situation. Does anyone think this means Williams starts? I predict it's still Thompson (when he returns). (BTW, Celtics have won 1 of 6 games since TT has been...
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    Stop hoarding TP(E) - the what should the Celtics do with the TPE thread

    Quick dive-in/dive-out: Assuming the Cetics are not going to really challenge the top teams this season regardless of any in season trade they might pull off - I haven't come across much discussion in this thread about Option 3 (the leading vote-getter) and what that could mean for the long...
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    Spring Training 2021

    I’ve learned never to be excited or depressed about the generally meaningless Spring Training looks. The best thing about Spring Training is its signal that winter’s over and that anything is possible
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    3/17 - Celtics at Cavs

    27th in assists/game.
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    MLB to Test Larger Bases, Defensive Positioning Restrictions in Minors in 2021

    From today's Globe: Shit - we all know that the Strike Zone is a 3-dimensional space. Ignoring where the ball travels independently of the front of home plate sounds unfair.
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    Might as well start talking about 2021

    Is anyone else concerned about the quality of infield defense on this team? Or defense, period? "Versatility" is a code word for "Not really good enough to anchor a single position...?" The way I see it (literally - eyeballs), the team has a sub par 3B, a league average SS and 2B and a rookie...
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    Spring Training 2021

    So, remind me again - who's the backup SS? Arroyo?
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    MLB to Test Larger Bases, Defensive Positioning Restrictions in Minors in 2021

    Hopefully a deadened ball won't just result in harder swings and more K's. (Edit: In other words, will power hitters decide to go for line drive launch angles, or just keep doing what they do even if fly balls fall short of the walls)
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    MLB to Test Larger Bases, Defensive Positioning Restrictions in Minors in 2021

    Well, isn't it a fact that the more hitters get paid for homeruns, the more hitters will swing that way? Don't see any way of changing that. (BTW, from a 538 article in 2019):