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    Offseason Rumors/News

    I’m not so sure. I can see Gobert being a very polarizing “superstar” player for prospective trade partners. It’s possible that the Nets wouldn’t want him as a return to build around. Especially if Minnesota is out there valuing Gobert like they did.
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    To PE, or not To PE - that is the question

    Yes the former says “penalty”.
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    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    We can nickname him "Action", for the autocorrect errors.
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    Celtics Offseason Primer

    Ah, damn, When I saw that article linked here earlier today, I didn't notice the part about them being unlikely to use the TPE now. Oh well.
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    Brogdon to Boston for Theis/Nesmith/2023 1st

    A good side benefit of this trade is that, if the Celtics do continue exploring TPE options, they won't have teams trying to fleece them because they while they're still in a "use it or lose it" situation, they don't need to use it to acquire that key missing piece now.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    And teams just generally don't stay good and together for very long. Some do, but not all franchises are run well and shit happens. Someone's going to have a major injury or someone will want out because of locker room troubles or someone will demand a trade because he's not feeling loved. Then...
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    AD games last 4 years: 56 62 36 40 That's quite an asset. Someone will put forth a better offer than AD and/or Westbrook for Durant. The Nets are under no obligation to deal him and Kyrie together, especially since at least one of them created this mess.
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    Would you trade Jaylen+ for Durant?

    No. I honestly just don't like him very much. He was perfect on a team with Kyrie. I don't want any risk of drama around this young team that has a ton of chemistry. Also, he's aging, so we'll be aiming for a tight championship window. If shit goes wrong during that window, all of that capital...
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    I'm gonna just start tweeting that teams are engaged in talks and "no deal imminent". If no trade happens, it's impossible to prove I was wrong. And every once in a while, I'll crush it.
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    He's an expiring, so he may have some value ;)
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    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    This is going to do wonders for his legacy after joining GSW. Now he’s running away from the team he assembled. And Kyrie is so toxic that even his friend wants out now.
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Well, there goes that.
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    Kyrie is hurt and we have schadenfreude

    The fact that it was BallSackSports reporting that BallSackSports told this to Windhorst (wut?) was a humorous twist.
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    Theo...Hall of Famer?

    With all due respect to Cashman, it's not just the fact that Theo did it with 2 teams, it's that they were the Sox and Cubs. He's at the top of the list.