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    OBJ signs with LA Rams. Wait, maybe the Packers... no it is the Rams.

    Not that I need to point this out, but this was outstanding.
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    CFB 2021 Week 10: Ready for #MACtion

    Bill is totally gonna draft this punter from Navy.
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    10/31 - Patriots at Chargers: What Comes Next?

    That’s a bullshit no flag
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    10/31 - Patriots at Chargers: What Comes Next?

    Hightower is cooked.
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    Jerry Remy Has Passed Away

    Man, that D.O. tweet. For me, Sox broadcasts will never be the same. Always part of the announcing crew from when I was 17. Buenos noches, amigo. Here comes the pizzer.
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    10/5 - Introducing … THE WILD CARD GAME

    Beat these assholes.
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    The Goat Returns: Pats vs. Bucs Buildup

    Can't they all just leave us to get our ass kicked in peace?!
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    9/26 Saints at Pats: Oh when the wins, come marching in!

    Don’t worry guys. We’re just 5 field goals away from a tie.
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    Tennis 2021

    Some interesting stuff coming out of the Laver Cup. Apparently, after losing a doubles match, Zverev said that's the last point the World Team would win. Here's the fallout from that. View:
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    Tennis 2021

    I think they call it a bagel. :)
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    Tennis 2021

    He’s (allegedly) not a good guy.
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    Tennis 2021

    I know and understand Novak is polarizing, but the crowd cheering this much for Zverev is a little disturbing, considering what is well known about him (allegedly).
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    Tennis 2021

    That kid has a lot of intestinal fortitude.