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    We can do better

    Ironically, I finally got a real job and have some money, and now that I have a real job I've been so busy that I haven't been on SoSH much (other than the stupid threads for stupid people) and missed this. I'm still trying to build a savings, but I'll toss in some cash. I kind of suck so the...
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    Super Bowl LIII - We’re on to Los Angeles (again)

    You must of missed the long segment that was essentially "Tony Romo: you're the bestest". That was Pulitzer-level stuff.
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    Celebrating What Is

    Been busy and not on SoSH much lately so sorry if this has been covered. I was wondering how many playoff games TB12 has started so I looked it up. Come Sunday, it will be 40. FORTY. Obviously most of all time. Two and a half regular-seasons worth of playoff games started. Second place for a...
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    The Game Ball Thread: AFCDG vs Chargers

    White's early unstoppableness set the tone for the game. Edelman's hustle was noteworthy. The GOATs were GOATy. Off topic, Rivers lost his cool and started to look frustrated early. I remember thinking at the time that in the same position Brady would get angry and focused, and play better for...
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    AFC Divisional Round - We're on to San Die-...Los Angeles

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    AFC Divisional Round - We're on to San Die-...Los Angeles

    White is going to have 872 all purpose yards today.
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    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    Okay, thanks.
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    Sons of Peter McNeeley- Boxing Thread

    @Marciano490 I'm watching NFL right now and they are advertising a fight after football tomorrow. Worth watching? I don't follow boxing but have really enjoyed the fights that I've watched on your recommendations.
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    2019 NFL Playoff Game Thread - Divisional Round

    Serious question: that play was a sweep, not a reverse, right? For years announcers have been calling that type of play a reverse, but to me a reverse is when the QB hands the ball off to a teammate sweeping one way, who then re-hands it off to a teammate going the other way.
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    2018 Steelers: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Oh, Susannah, Camptown Races. Stephen stinkin' Foster!
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    Week 14 at Miami

    I'm getting the feeling that the Patriots will block every MIA punt this game (and that they already have).
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    Week 14 at Miami

    I didn't go out to watch the game so I've got BAL @ KC on while following the Pats on-line. CBS hasn't shown one single highlight from other games yet. C'mon, CBS, show me the CP TD!
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    Week 14 at Miami

    D rounding into early-season form. How? Don't leave us hanging!!
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    Week 14 at Miami

    The Man in the High Tower.