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    Cleveland Indians ready to discuss changing team name

    I don’t know why more teams don’t embrace name changes, even those whose names aren’t inherently offensive. Selling the merch with the new name/logo seems like a potentially untapped revenue stream to me.
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    MLB 2020: We're Playing, but We Can't Agree on Anything

    Also don’t forget that most minor leaguers are probably sharing tiny apartments out of economic necessity.
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    who would win between the

    Terry Francona vs Grady Little, though
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    Baseball on Television

    Does Twitch count as television?
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    If the season is canceled the Red Sox luxury tax would NOT reset

    Not to pick on anyone as a lot of people were saying it, but “the Red Sox will sign Mookie after the season” struck me as the same kind of wishful thinking as “we’ll be up and running by Easter.”
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    2020 Hiatus News, Rumors, Trades

    To be fair, deGrom's was in 2010.
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    SOSH Real Fantasy Draft 2014: Draft Order, Rules, and Draft Thread

    Maybe something like this could help pass the time in quarantine?
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    Game to Pass the Time: Your All-Time Lineup

    Most of you seem to be picking players who are dead or elderly or many years retired, which I would think would put you at a distinct disadvantage in a must-win game. That’s cool. I’ll take: RF - Betts SS - Lindor CF - Trout LF - Yelich 1B - Alonso DH - Bellinger 3B - Chapman 2B - Baez C -...
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    Reserving Judgment... But What Did the Sox Do and How Bad Will They Get Hit?

    I predict Friday news dump, maybe around 4:30? I don’t think a ton of people are paying too much attention to baseball right now, if I’m being honest, so if you want something to pass quietly, now might be an ideal time.
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    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    I believe you can’t put anyone on any IL until the season starts.
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    2020 Rotation

    I’m usually skeptical of people loudly declaring things like this, but I would have a lot of trouble rooting for Trevor Bauer.
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    How will the Sox do in 2020?

    2019, the sequel: win total in the 80s, but never really “in it” in any meaningful way. Not even any cool deadline deals.
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    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    For what it's worth, Rusney was actually good in his first ten games in the waning days of 2014. Not sure if that qualifies him for a Plantier exception.
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    Biggest Sox Prospect Busts by Position

    Henry Owens was once considered one of the 20 Best Prospects in baseball. To me, that makes him more of a bust than someone like Ball who, like someone said above, was basically never good. Unless you want to give Ball extra "credit" for being their highest pick in decades.
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    Chris Sale 2020 - TJ Bound and Down

    Don’t forget also that Sale had a shortened spring last year, which many many many SoSHers said was the cause of his woes last year.