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    iPhone 13

    I think the catch is you have to be on one of their higher data plans. And also its like $40 a month for the phone for 2 years and then you get $34 in a monthly credit for 2 years. If you decide to leave Verizon you have payoff the balance phone immediately but lose the credits. They are...
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    CFB 2021 Week 6: (P)U Game

    Sitting next to someone who had Texas +3.5 was amusing.
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    CFB 2021 Week 6: (P)U Game

    Well there is this. View:
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    2021 NL Wild Card Cardinals @ Dodgers Game Thread

    I was going to say that but he did say SF vs LA.
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    iPhone 13

    I went into TMobile yesterday and was able to trade in my XR and pickup 13 Pro for an extra $8 for 2 years. It’s been fun to playing with it. My only small complaint is the no charger. I knew it didn’t come with one but assumed I could use one of my many chargers I have accumulated over the...
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    2021 PGA Tour

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    2021 Ryder Cup- Whistling Straits

    Seriously. Why aren’t they playing in the morning?
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    Streaming NFL games

    Here’s what I did. My friend has kid at college. I had him signup for Sunday Ticket using his student email. Back in August it was $96. I think it’s $120 now. He gave me the credentials I paid him the $96 plus a case of beer so I’m good for the season.
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    2021 Ryder Cup- Whistling Straits

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    UConn back to Big East?

    Apparently I still care. Last year doesn't really count as no fans were allowed. So I saw that conference schedule came out today and was excited to see when the first home game was 12/15 vs PC. Then when they were playing at PC as I never really missed a game at the Dunk. And then was real...
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    September MLB Thread

    Blue Jays not happy with the Rays. View:
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    2021 Ryder Cup- Whistling Straits

    I do like how the President's Cup does pairings better. Ryder Cup the captains write down their order and just matched up. And Presidents Cup has a captain pick a pairing or single on Sunday and the other captain picks his pairing and so forth. More strategy involved with that I think.
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    CFB 2021 Week 3

    Slowly raises his hand. I actually laughed
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    CFB 2021 Week 3

    Progress today. They covered. :)
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    Ongoing COVID-19 Impact

    Must be vax to attend Bills games now if 12 and over going forward. They had a mask mandate when not outdoors last Sunday that was basically ignored.