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    10/20 - ALCS Game 5 - Valdez vs. Sale Redux

    Has anyone mentioned that Framber Valdez is pitching PERFECT GAME right now?
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    10/18 - ALCS Game 3

    5-6 innings from Edro would be HUGE.
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    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    It's Lance vs. Lance today. Does that make it a joust?
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    9.24.21 Weekend In New England

    MYFSA Make Yankees Fans Sad Again
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    September MLB Thread

    Hoping the Rangers will take a late-game lead is the definition of a fool's errand.
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    9.18.22 Saddle up Nick.

    While I'm glad the Sox won today, did anyone notice that this game thread was posted ahead of its time? Like, a year early?
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    9.14.21 A Cup of Seattle Coffee

    It will be funny if the MFY’s miss the playoffs by one game.
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    9.14.21 A Cup of Seattle Coffee

    After yesterday's game the Mariners have a 78-68 record despite a -65 run differential. According B-Ref, they are 31-18 in 1-run games (+13 RD) and 9-26 in blowouts (5+ runs) where the RD is -130. That means in other games they are 38-24 with a RD of +52. The other contenders don't have splits...
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    That stupid fumble by Harris cost the Pats the game. Even with all the penalties and some defensive issues, the Pats played well enough to win. Mac Jones played great.
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    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 1 vs Miami

    The CBS color guy? Yeah, he blew the game for the Pats.
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    9/10/2021 - Don't Panic - Game thread version

    The Red Sox are testing the limits of infinite improbability. Somehow, they'll pull out a win.
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    9/8/2021 - The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul - Game thread version

    Do not go Dirk Gently into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
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    What To Do About the Bullpen

    Wouldn't September call-ups help the bullpen depth in a few days?
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    8/28 - If not Arauz, then …?

    If not @mfried, then...?
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    Jog My Memory?

    I seem to vaguely remember that game.. Didn't Edelman make some ridiculous catch there, too?