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    App Issue on Android

    Whoops I'm sorry I missed that. Thanks for letting me know.
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    App Issue on Android

    I've been having some issues with the SoSH app on the Play Store. It has trouble updating and loading posts to the home screen/timeline, and after awhile an error message appears on the page saying it can't load the data. It's been an issue for me all summer, and I've just been deleting and...
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    6/30 Let’s split and get the hell outta there.

    I'm actually enjoying A-Rod's analysis today. Not too much fluff, he seems to be locked in
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    U-S-eh! The World Cup of Hockey thread

    Regardless, if he called them shitty he would not be wrong either.
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    U-S-eh! The World Cup of Hockey thread

    I heard it as shinny hockey to be honest. The only time he sees 2 on 0 is during shinny hockey.
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    The All-Star Game Thread

    Despite being played at Petco, the NL is away. I guess they are having three NL parks in a row so they alternate the home team from year to year.
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    PK Subban to Nashville for Shea Weber

    I'm a Sox, Pats, Celts... and Habs fan. I'm also a pretty strong optimist when it comes to roster moves, perhaps because I've lived through the Belichick era. However, this trade is an absolute disaster. I can't imagine how Bergevin was convincing himself that this was the right move to make...
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    East - Round Two

    Holtby with just an incredible sequence of saves there. Those are the types of plays that may change the course of this series.
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    Report: This is Don Orsillo's last season

    I have to piggyback and agree with the Remy comments as well. The last few years I would find myself wondering what Remy brings to the table. I think him and Don just became too comfortable. This year I find that Remy has brought his "A" game for O'Brien, and he's been a great color guy. He's...
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    2015 1st Round Pick, Andrew Benintendi, CF, Arkansas

    Huh, I didn't realize that... For the love of God give him some more at bats!
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    2016 NFL Draft: Day 1, Round 1

    The gift that keeps on giving Edit: Wrong thread, apologies!
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    New Britain Rock Cats Moving To Connecticut's Armpit

    It really has been eyeroll after eyeroll with the Yardgoats
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    Sox send Miley to Seattle for Smith (RP) and Elias (SP)

    Not to put words in gryoung's mouth, but for me the Miley trade had more to do with Joe Kelly than it did Rodriguez. I've always felt that Rodriguez would be a lock for the rotation next year, and that there was close to zero chance he'd be starting in AAA. Although he cooled off a bit from his...
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    2015 UConn Football: The Drive for P5

    UConn is going to the St. Petersburg Bowl to play Marshall on December 26. Still pleasantly surprised they were able to get 6 wins this year, compared to last year's disaster. Diaco is a little nutty, but he did a great job keeping the team focused and pulling out a couple of really good wins...