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    2019 Pats: In-Season Roster & Injury Discussion

    I don’t think they can cut Folk since he’s injured, so they have to use a different roster spot. Similar to Gordon - he needs to pass a physical before he can be waived. Folk could be similarly be IR’d of course.
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    DE Michael Bennett Traded to Dallas for a 7th

    What hurts is that they gave Bennett a reworked contract this spring, and a $4mm signing bonus. Between Bennett and Brown, they've done some poor bonuses.
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    Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely for Substance Violation (Again)

    I wonder if there is another trade coming soon - they could have put Gordon on IR to give Sanu a spot. Instead they cut Tomlinson, so there's still a spot. Though of course it could just be for a street FA at a different position.
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    2019 Pats: WR "Bust a Move" Sanu Watch

    Super aside - I think we can call Tavon Wilson a hit. Dude has played 8 years in the NFL. Of the 32 players drafted after him, only 12 are still playing.
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    2019 Gunner Watch: Double-Barreled Gun Show

    Is he handsome enough to be a Patriots WR?!?!
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    The WR Corps

    I know that the Patriots loved Chad O'Shea, I've read all the pieces about how critical he's been for the red zone and the positive comments from Belichick and McDaniels. But, I also can't help but notice that he's been the WR coach for 9 years and the only WR that's been developed during that...
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    SBLII: Patriots Injury News

    Has there been anything more on Hogan? Does it seem like he could have played Week 17, and they just decided to rest him? Thanks.
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    2017 Pats Training Camp

    Who are some of the guys who reportedly have looked better than expected during camp? I've seen some good stuff about Wise - anyone else?
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    Celebrating What Is

    I love what Brady said about James White: "White is like my oldest son," Brady said at Monday's victor news conference. "He just does everything right and you can never get mad at him because even if he doesn't make the play, he feels worse about it than you do. He's just the best teammate...
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    Pats vs Texans: The buildup

    Mike Reiss' stab at the inactives has Mitchell sitting. "I'll go with WR Mitchell; OT Waddle; CB Coleman; CB C. Jones; RB Foster; S Richards; QB Brissett."
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    Pats vs Texans: The buildup

    I think any of the Patriots WRs make that block (though maybe not a knockout type block, Edelman always scores there). Hogan and Mitchell have been good blockers this year, and Amendola has always been good in that area, too. I do think Floyd is a candidate to get playing time over Mitchell...
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    Chris Mortensen, he who doesn't know how to use Twitter, has 19,500+ career tweets.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    All away games, too.
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    Trey Flowers

    Pro Football Focus really liked him, listed him as one of the 10 best remaining players after round 1: Trey Flowers, Arkansas, ED Hes not a pure speed rusher, but he is an every-down threat. Flowers is great against the run and extremely good rushing the passer, which makes it all the more...