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    Community Shield Gamethread

    Liverpool Man City in the glorified friendly coming up. Meanwhile, a fun match between Elversberg and Leverkusen on ESPN +
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    The Arms (Errr, Legs) Race: 2022 Summer Transfer Window Ronaldo wants to leave United. A good thing for United but who would want him?
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    2022 US Open (Golf) - The Country Club in South Brookline, MA

    Matsuyama missing a lot of putts.
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    May 14 week gamethread

    Salah must be really hurt. I haven’t seen him at all in the celebration
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    The All-New 2022 Pats Draft Contest!

    I spent a lot more time last year looking at this as I wasn't working at the time, so this year is a pretty quick and unorganized list 1. Travis Jones - DL - Uconn 2. Leo Chenal - LB - Wisconsin 3. Jaylyn Armour - Davis - CB - Alabama 4. Kyle Phillips - WR - UCLA 5. Deangelo Malone - Edge - W...
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    Tennis 2021

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    Tennis 2021

    I was impressed with how poised both young women were. They were coached well in how to answer the questions post match also. I agree with Chris Everet that I hope they have a good support system and lead as much of a normal life as possible. I remember how miserable Osaka looked after beating...
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    Well, he got the $3.6m guaranteed already but the rest was tied up in roster bonuses and incentives. If he's not finding a job as a starter elsewhere, he might be agreeable to a backup role without the roster bonuses and incentives that would kick in if he ended up playing for whatever reason.
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    Would you be surprised if Cam is signed as the backup after week 1? Signed at a low base with incentives if he plays?
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    Too bad they didn't make the move for Gardner Minshew. Eagles got him for a conditional 6th.
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    Cam Newton signs with Carolina

    I'm not surprised he was released. I was hoping there was a trade market for him though. It was clear Mac was the better quarterback and gives the team a better chance to win.
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    Sons of Alan Hansen: The 2021-22 EPL Predictions Thread

    1. Liverpool FC 2. Manchester City 3. Chelsea FC 4. Leicester City 5. Manchester United 6. Tottenham Hotspurs 7. Leeds United 8. Arsenal 9. West Ham 10. Aston Villa 11. Everton 12. Crystal Palace 13. Brighton 14. Wolves 15. Norwich City 16. Newcastle United 17. Burnley 18. Southampton 19...
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    Liverpool 2021/2022 Jurgen’s Comeback Tour

    I watched the match also and I agree that Elliot was great today. Front 3 was dominating but finishing is still an issue other than Jota. Robbo’s ankle looked bad in real time. I was glad he kind of walked it off. I hope Milner is not in Kloppo’s plans for league games. He’s toast.
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    Pay That Mendes His Money: The Summer 2021 Transfer Thread

    Liverpool gets like 2m in sell on fee for this Ings deal. It will pay for about 6 weeks of Salah's new contract :p
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    Liverpool 2021/2022 Jurgen’s Comeback Tour

    View: Alisson Becker has extended his contract also until 2027.