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    8/7 - Raps

    This team can hang #18. Going to take more consistency but it’s there for them.
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    Covid and MLB

    Yes. Others could be incubating.
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    Covid and MLB

    Cards postponed again. More positives View:
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    8/5 — 27 days until tax reset

    So maybe we fixed Perez?
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    July/August game thread

    So we got Kimbrel’s fumes in the 2018 postseason before the gas tank completely emptied.
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    8/4 Celtics vs. Heat

    Not even close to set. Visibly moving.
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    8/2 Celts vs. Blazers

    Woot. Tighten up the fucking defense from here on.
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    Red Sox pitching carousel thread (our pitching is historically bad)

    That should finalize whether they feign being competitive. Get a long look at everyone possible and gear up for 2021.
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    RIP John McNamara

    Throw in two strikes. The 3-0 score that haunted them from 1975 and 1986, ironically when they beat the Cards in 2004 they won 3-0, and when Pujols led off the 9th with a single I was envisioning ways we blow that game and then the WS even up 3-0. That fear was a disease. As painful as that...
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    RIP John McNamara

    Playing the Mets in Flushing the day he died is pretty surreal.
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    Don't take me out with the crowd - Red Sox at Mets - What day is it?

    As long as Weber then worse is their 3-5 starters no heart will be ripped out.
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    Don't take me out with the crowd - Red Sox at Mets - What day is it?

    Any win is pleasant. Just enjoying games without expectations. Water.
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    RIP John McNamara

    A decade or more later Hurst would have been brought in to close out Game 6. That was unheard of then unfortunately.
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    Covid and MLB

    Apparently you missed the Lou Williams saga.
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    COVID-19 and the Red Sox

    Realmuto I could get behind.